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Career Ashez Tries On The Infinity Glove


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Ashez Tries On The Infinity Glove

Hello and welcome to my final career of 2018 as I'll be putting my DC preference aside to wear Marvel's own infinity glove in a challenge created by @Titjes. A brief run down of the challenge is I have to sign a player to represent each stone based on their shirt colour at the start of the game, their performances then equals my score. I fully intended to post this is in my usual one season style of 3 updates but in truth I just can't be bothered so this will be a rare one and done. With that out the way let's look at the save and see what unfolded. 

The Chosen Club

Unfortunately there isn't much exciting to say here as I decided to go to PSG in France, mainly because it's a team and league I've not used that often. IIRC France is the only top league I've not had a long term save in as I seem to struggle to keep interest there so taking a one season challenge to Paris made sense to me, it also meant I had money to burn on my gems. 

Transfers Out




Give me the money, all the money!!


My Glove Of Power


I spent big on my gems and as I'm using the Gegenpress tactic it made sense to build a terrifying front 6 to gather those points. 

The Green Gem - Gelson Martins
The Blue Gem - Idrissa Gueye
The Orange Gem - Fred
The Red Gem - Kylian Mbappe
The Purple Gem - Marco Benassi
The Yellow Gem - Luis Suarez 

A nice selection of players imo as I've some real superstars within my glove. Fred has been one of my favourite FMM midfielders for the past two years so it made sense to use him one final time. The Blue Gem gave me the most issues in truth with Jorginho my number one target but his buying price was getting close to 100m so I backed away and decided to use Gueye. Mbappe is likely the sneaky signing but as a fee was paid he's seen as a new addition to the squad while Suarez is Suarez so who wouldn't pick him! 

The Season Review


Almost the perfect season but it ended up being pretty disappointing considering the team I had. 

A More Detailed Look





A nice start to the save

Champions League


Typically we have our worst performance of the season in the Champions League final against those over powered Mancs. 

League Cup


A late equaliser and awful penalty luck has been a theme for me this year. Since I've started playing FMM again in recent months I've won one shootout! 

French Cup


What a bat shit crazy match!



The league was an absolute walk in the park as we claimed the title after 29 matches played with a record of 26 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat. On the first of January we had 19 played, 18 wins and 1 draw. 





The Main Event

The Green Gem


What a beast!



A very impressive balanced campaign for our green gem!

The Blue Gem


Yep here's the first disaster

The Injury


A devastating blow :(



Granted he's not much of a point grabber so he was the best one to loose if I had to but it's still dropped points. 

The Orange Gem


This is why I love him in game!



Or maybe it's because of this as the Brazilian has a special season!

The Red Gem


What can I say? Oddly this is my first time really using him. 



I couldn't really ask for more!

The Purple Gem


Unfortunately Marco was also injured at the end of the season. 



A solid season for the Italian. 

The Yellow Gem


What a beaut!



Suarez was unbelievably amazing!

Bonus Points Information



Top Scorer & Assister




I'm assuming that's enough to claim all the bonus points as Suarez or Mbappe won every award I could find. 


Final Score

Bonus Points - 50
Mbappe - 44 19/2 = 53.5
Suarez - 46 29/2 = 60.5
Martins - 18 18/2 = 27
Fred - 17 20/2 = 27
Benassi - 9 16/2 = 17
Gueye - 1 3/2 = 2.5 - 
Total = 237.5

Thank you all for viewing and any comments will be appreciated, see you all on the other side lads!

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5 hours ago, Titjes said:

Great score mate, to bad about that 8month injury :(. I will add your score later today ;)

Thanks mate, I've seen you've updated the leaderboard so thanks for that :)

4 hours ago, Woody said:

Well done mate...kinda liked the quick 1 season update.

Some excellent numbers.

Cheers, I like short one and dones but I typically think it's a waste, I suppose it depends on the challenge for me. 

3 hours ago, Aaron55 said:

Unlucky with that injury! Can't wait to see your FMM19 careers 😃

Thanks Aaron :)

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13 hours ago, Paul186 said:

hard luck on the injuries and penalties hope you have better luck in FMM19

Thanks for all the support my man :)

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3 hours ago, JohnyBravo said:

Good job mate, good result despite awful injuries.

I don't think it cost me many points tbh, but the lack of rotation sucked a little. 

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