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Challenges Mid-Level Challenge

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Hi, this is my first FMM Vibe post. I'm not nearly as into the game as a lot of people on this site, but that hasn't stopped me from wanting to make a challenge for FMM 19 (which I may not even do myself). Let me know if it's too easy or challenging (or any other feedback) and I'll adjust accordingly. 


1. Load up four of the following competitions, which I consider "Mid-Level" European leagues: Russia, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland or Turkey (I could've included Scotland, but I wanted it to be a challenge with some less-used competitions). 

2. Choose any side that is not playing European soccer (sorry, football) first season as your starting team. If you want an extra challenge start with a lower league side. 

3. Your main objective is to win the champions league (more details below), but there are some other achievements that will gain you points: 

A. Score or assist 300 goals with a player already on the team (50pts)

B. Score or assist 500 with any player (60pts)

C. Score or assist 1000 with any player (150 pts)     

D. Win a domestic cup/league title (15pts)

E. Win Europa League (60pts, 30 pts additional wins)


Finally, the Champions League 

Win in second season (somehow) - 300pts

Win in third - 250pts

So on and so forth, points decreasing by 50 for each additional year it takes you.    Technically the challenge could end as soon as you win the CL, but if you want to continue (perhaps pursuing 1000 goals), it's 50 pts for each additional CL win. 

As is the norm in challenges, no unlockables unless they're unlocked within the save and no reloading



You can only sign players from clubs in the other Mid-Level leagues or on frees (no bosman rulings)

Good Luck! I'd love to see any careers posted!



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