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Career Back on the Chain Gang - An FMM19 RTG


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Prologue 1.1 - Setting Off!



"It's an absolute disgrace what's happened at Tynecastle - the coins, the sectarian jibes~


Well, here we go again. I've got my dossier ready, and interviews lined up and down the channel.


Haven't introduced meself by the by, I'm John Cobb. Former trainee at Queen's Park, spent my time kicking about the lower reaches of Scottish football and now looking to get to management. Let's hope this goes better than my previous time on the pitch.


And now I have a train to catch!Speak to y'all later!

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Prologue 1.2 - Sitting Down in Birkenhead


This is it, my first job interview, and I couldn't be happier where it is - Tranmere Rovers. Having followed their rise and fall and rise again, I would love to be part of the revival at Prenton Park.


MP: Hello John, how was the train down from Edinburgh?


JC: All good Mr. Palios. Thanks.


MP: Alright, well, here's what I would like you to accomplish should you be offered the position of manager at Tranmere Rovers. We expect you first to keep us back in the EFL, and to bring through at least four academy products over an initial three-year period. We would also like to win at least 1 or 2 cup ties between the Carabao and FA Cups, and at least make it out of the group stages in the Checkatrade Trophy. Are those terms amenable?

JC: Yes they are. I actually would prefer bringing youth on, and I believe I can achieve at least mid-table finishes in League Two.


MP: Alright, I will inform you in due time of the Board's decision. Cuppa and a butty before you leave?

JC: Much appreciated, thank you.



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Prologue 1.3 - Hereford Homecoming


Stepping off the train at Hereford, and the memories flood back. Spending half my life here with me mam is a precious memory and I'd love to go down and manage Hereford FC, and luckily enough I've got an interview with them.


KK: Hello John, how was the trip down?


JC: It was alright, Mr. Kinnersley. Can't knock the trip down from Merseyside.


KK Alright, well, here's what I would like you to accomplish should you be offered the position of manager at Hereford. We expect you to keep us back in the National League, and to bring through at least four academy products over an initial three-year period. We would also like to get to at least the 4th Qualifying Round of the FA Cup, and to have a run in the FA Trophy.  Are those terms amenable?

JC: Yes they are. I actually would prefer bringing youth on, and I believe I can keep the Bulls in the National League North. In terms of the cups I'd prefer to not be pressured with them and to focus on the League.

KK: Alright, I will inform you in due time of the Board's decision. Cuppa and a biscuit before you leave?

JC: Much appreciated, thank you.

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Prologue 1.4 - London Leap


Ah, St. Pancras. Now I have to find my way to Champion Hill , and speak to Dulwich Hamlet's chairman about their managerial position.


JL: Hello John, how was the trip down?


JC: It was alright, Mr. Leahy. Have to say, for a kid from Edinburgh, London isn't a half-bad place to start!


JL: Alright, well, here's what I would like you to accomplish should you be offered the position of manager at Dulwich Hamlet. We expect you to keep us back in the National League, and to bring through at least four academy products over an initial three-year period. We would also like to get to at least the 4th Qualifying Round of the FA Cup, and to have a run in the FA Trophy.  Are those terms amenable?

JC: Yes they are. I would like to work with youth, but I'd prefer not to get distracted by a cup run and prefer to focus on keeping the Hamlet in the National League. 

JL: Alright, I will inform you in due time of the Board's decision. Cuppa and a biscuit before you leave?

JC: Much appreciated, thank you.

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Prologue 1.5 - The Terminus at Torquay


Last stop - Devon. Off to Plainmoor and see Torquay about their job.


CO: Let's get down to it.


JC: Alright, Mr. Osborne. What do you see this season?


CO: I see this squad getting back to the National League immediately this season. I'd also like to get to the 1st Round of the FA Cup and the QF of the Trophy. Can you do it?

JC: Let's see - if you'd like to get back to the National League, we'd have to juggle some aspects of the cups or give me some funds to reinforce the squad. Can you assure me that?

CO: Let's see. I'll let you know what I decide.

JC: Much appreciated, thank you.

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Prologue FINAL - Inboxes and Movers


~Now OVER-QUARTZER, toki no ame furi-nukete tomo nii~




Let's see....


Hi John, Clark here. We've decided at this time not to hire you as manager of Torquay United. Best of luck.

- well okay. Osborne's a nutter anyway.


Hello John, good day. This is Ken Kinnersley from Hereford FC, and I'm sending this email to inform you that sadly, we cannot accept your application to be first team manager. I do this painfully, and wish you the best of luck in your future.


- that's a shame. I liked Hereford and I think I woulda done well there.


Hello John, this is Mark Palios. I'm glad to inform you that the Board have agreed to extend you the opportunity to be custodian of Tranmere Rovers Football Club as its first-team manager. Please find attached the contract, and terms are for 3 years @ £6,000/month. Please let me know if those are amenable, and the contract may be signed digitally.


Warmly yours,


Mark Palios.




Hello John, this is John Leahy of Dulwich Hamlet FC. We would like to wholeheartedly offer you the position of manager, on a 4-year term paying £3500/month, along with a fully-furnished flat near the Champion Hill ground. Please find the contract attached to this email, and let me know of your decision.


- Hamlet offered me the job too!Decision time....


*flips coin*




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Part 1 - Rocking Up in Dulwich


~ Hello Mark, I'm deeply sorry but I will have to turn down your very generous offer to manage Tranmere Rovers. I've been offered an opportunity at another club that I've found to be a better challenge. I do hope that the Whites have a good season and that someday we might cross paths. Thank you again and all the best~




Dulwich Hamlet FC are proud to announce the hire of John Cobb as first-team manager on a four-year contract as we prepare for life in the National League South.






- This is Hamlet's first season above Step 7, and they are 4 times winners of the Isthmian League and 3 times winners of the FA Amateur Cup.
















- Clearing out everyone over the age of 25 from the squad makes the Hamlet younger and more importantly, raised crucial funds for staff improvements.






- It's a matter of bringing in youngsters to the squad, and we were able to loan in some youngsters up top including Tammy Abraham's brother.


Staff Round-up:


- I'm certified as a coach as well, and I'm leveraging a pair of ex-pros in Simon Church and Lewin Nyatanga as part of my staff.




- As expected, growing pains mean we draw 2 of the 3 friendlies since I took over.


Join us next time for the 1st month of life in the National League South!

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1 hour ago, JustM1kePlays said:

Good luck mate. The NLS can be a tough old league. 

Thanks mate - this is actually the first in a while I'm starting down in the South - my personal preference is oop North!

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7 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Man, that logo and shirt colors are hard to look at tbh 😂 goodluck! 

Paradoxically it woulda worked better with FM18!😂😂😂😂


Thanks man!

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Part 2 - It's Dulwich, not Draw-wich


Welcome to the 1st month of our RTG with Dulwich Hamlet!Having rejigged the squad in preseason, we're looking to stay up in Conference South!What happened?Find out!


Matchday 1 - at Park View Road


- We open our season with a battling draw with Welling as both sides fluff their chances.


Matchday 2 - at Champion Hill




- It's 2 draws out of 2 as we fail to capitalize on our man-advantage against East Thurrock.


Matchday 3 - at Champion Hill




- We then turn around and thump then-2nd place Concord as things start to click.


Matchday 4 - at the Melbourne Stadium




- A bad foul and fluffed chances put paid to our unbeaten start to the season as we lose for the first time.


Matchday 5 - at Twerton Park




- Definitely a point gained as fluffed Bath chances gave us an opportunity to equalize.


Matchday 6 - at Champion Hill




- Gloucester never got off the blocks, and we took advantage to put 5 past them for our 2nd win of the year.


Matchday 7 - at Arbour Park




- Definitely a poor game as we were lucky to take the lead and deserve the draw.






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Part 3 - Trundling Along

Welcome back to Champion Hill!Today we've got September and October's results for you, and after a solid start to life in Conference South, how have we been?


Matchday 8 - at Champion Hill



- Our even start to the season continues as a Dipo Akinyemi brace earns us a point against the Beavers.


Matchday 9 - at Champion Hill



- We then reconvene at home to snag our 3rd win of the year against Wealdstone.


Matchday 10 - at Kingfield



- It's back-to-back wins for us, as despite several wasted chances in Surrey, our defense locked down the win.


Matchday 11 - at Champion Hill



- Sadly the defense couldn't marshal consecutive clean sheets as we're held against erstwhile table-toppers Chippenham.





- A good month vaults us into the play-off places, and within striking distance of the seeded places.


Matchday 12 - at Bulpit Lane



- A pulsating first half petered out into a drab draw to start October for us.


Matchday 13 - at the New Lodge




- In another play-off battle, we dominate the moneybags of Billericay en route to a thumping victory.


Matchday 14 - at Princes Park



- It's another set of back-to-back wins as a smashing set of goals see us win in Dartford.






- That draw with Hungerford really dented our chances of jumping up the table faster, but we're consolidating in the top 7 and that's what matters.

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Part 4 - Hamlet Holidays

It's the holiday season, and we're surging. What will happen?

Before that, we received something in the mail that's interesting:




Matchday 15 - at Champion Hill




- We rang in November with a thumping victory against St. Albans to make it 3 on the bounce.


Matchday 16 - at Champion Hill



- 2 wins in 4 days and 4 on the bounce as Weston-Supermare get pegged back in their playoff push.


Matchday 17 - at Treyew Road



- Our winning run ends at 4 as we get mauled on our trip to Cornwall.


Matchday 18 - at Champion Hill


- We bounce back from the Cornish mauling with a battling draw against a gutsy Oxford City side.


Matchday 19 - at Champion Hill



- November ends with a bang as we defeat erstwhile table-toppers Torquay in a close game where the Gulls' blown chances come back to haunt them.





- The Torquay win is a big boon as we pull equal on points and sit behind them by 3 goals.


Matchday 20 - at Vauxhall Road



- Our fine form continued with a thumping win in Herts.


Matchday 21 - at the Jubilee Stadium




- It's 3 wins on the spin as we do the double over Gloucester on the year.


Matchday 22 - at Champion Hill




- Our last game of 2018 ends with honors even as Slough Town keep at it for the draw.






- It's a case of as you were, as we settle into second place. Billericay's surge up the table is worrying though.

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Part 5 - Page Turners


Matchday 23 - at Priory Lane



- The Hamlet ring in 2019 with a goalless draw that we really should have lost if not for the Boro goal being skived off.


Matchday 24 - at Champion Hill



- After getting rollicked, the boys respond in style as a Dipo Akinyemi hatter seals the win against Bath.


Matchday 25 - at the Beveree Stadium



- Our trip across the City sees us exchange a pulsating draw tempered by an abysmal defensive performance that saw us let a 3-goal lead slip.


Matchday 26 - at Champion Hill



- A quick rematch against Eastbourne see us take all 3 points as Alex Harris cut them up on the wing.


Matchday 27 - at Rookery Hill



- It's another away-day shooutout as we escape with the 3 points.


Matchday 28 - at Champion Hill




- We end January on a winning note as we hold off a charging Chelmsford crew.






- Keeping pace with Torquay is all I could ask for.

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14 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Have you had the chance yet for a chat with the club owners re that shi(r)t colour? 😜

Keeping the pace well there. KIU! 

Nowt chance of a change mate, especially on the Hamlet's 150th season!











Edited by KennyMiller27
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Part 6 - Pokal-lauf

With us being bounced from cup competitions this year, let's talk about where we got.




FA Trophy 3rd Qualifying Round @ Champion Hill




- A pulsing first half gave way to a cagey second half as our 2 goals see us through to round 1 of the Trophy.

1st Round @ Meadow Park1403080643_Screenshot_20181113-051427_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.ecaa63870b957a6e0698a86c1ce54977.jpg

- Our FA Trophy run ended early in the 1st Round as we were unable to muster an upset in Herts against Boreham Wood.




FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round @ Champion Hill



- Our jaunt in the FA Cup began with an inauspicious 1-0 against a Welling side we should have well and truly beaten if not for wastefulness.


4th Qualifying Round @ both Champion Hill and Victoria Road



- We manage to escape 180 minutes with the Conference National Daggers and punch our ticket to the First Round proper with a narrow win in Dagenham.




[INBOX: FA Cup First Round]


Hello John, glad to see you'll be dropping by in the First Round!Would love to catch up over tea and biscuits as soon as you're available, and wishing you all at Dulwich Hamlet the best of luck!




Mark Palios

Chairman, Tranmere Rovers FC


First Round @ Prenton Park



- 3 goals within the hour see us pull off the Cupset against the Rovers in the Wirral.




Second Round @ the New Meadow




- Football, bloody hell.




Third Round @ Champion Hill



- Our magical FA Cup run ends in our first appearance in the Third Round as West Brom eliminate us from the Cup.

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Part 7 - Barrelling down the Run-in

With the FA Cup run behind us, we can now focus on the League. What's going to happen?


Also, look what came in the mail:




Matchday 29 - at Thames Road


- February begins with a thumping victory in Essex as Kyle and Dipo hit braces.


Matchday 30 - at Champion Hill




- Well bloody hell, what a shootout.


Matchday 31 - at Champion Hill



- The gunslinging run continues with s narrow win against Hemel Hempstead.


Matchday 32 - at Plainmoor



- This was the biggest game of the month, what with us and Torquay being neck-and-neck at the top. The game did not look as competitive as expected.






Matchday 33 - at Champion Hill




- We start March slow with a draw against a scrappy Dartford side.


Matchday 34 - at Clarence Park




- Two straight draws are frittering away our advantage at the top and allowing Torquay to hang on.


Matchday 35 - at Champion Hill




- Oh dear God a possible choke!


Matchday 36 - at Court Place Farm




- A big bounce-back win here in Oxfordshire as we thump City.


Matchday 37 - at Champion Hill




- Hard-charging Billericay just come in and get smashed to kill the momentum they have.





- Dropping 7 points wasn't healthy but we manage to stay top.

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Part 8 - For Glory?


Our first season is about to end, and will our nerve hold as we gun for the Conference South title?


Matchday 38 - at Hardenhuish Park




- We begin April by dropping points again, this time on our trip to Wiltshire.


Matchday 39 - at Champion Hill




- A Kyle Connell hatter sees up dismiss mid-table Hungerford.


Matchday 40 - at Grosvenor Vale




- Nerves are up even with a bouncing win at Wealdstone.


Matchday 41 - at Champion Hill




- Woking manage to throw a monkey-wrench into the title picture in saving themselves, as after this game the Hamlet stand just ahead on goal difference.


Matchday 42 - at the Woodspring Stadium




- The Hamlet back into the title after a 3-3 draw and Torquay drawing 0-0 at Woking.








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Part 9-A - Life in the National Lane

~They're odds-on to go straight back down, what with the fact they haven't spent a dime in the~




Nabobs. Anyway, welcome to Champion Hill, and our second season in charge of the Hamlet!After winning promotion to the Conference National, what beckons for us?Let's find out!










- It's your typical lower-league offseason of churn,with a good kitty made up. Sadly, the major money comes from us losing our top right-back in Aaron Philips and our top striker in Dipo Akinyemi to EFL clubs in Port Vale and Carlisle.








- To reload the squad, we cast a wide net across the academy dropped lists. Highlight signings include Togo U-17 captain Nikell Touglo, Kosovar international Gashi and Newcastle product Charman.






- 4 matches, 4 wins including a thumping win in Coventry.

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Part 9-B - See-saws and Early Doors


Welcome to life in the National League! Here we talk about our first month with Dulwich Hamlet in the fifth tier of English football, and let's see what happened!


Matchday 1 - at Victoria Park


- We open our accounts in style, despite Nikell Touglo seeing red, as Luke Charman and Trevoh Whalley score to beat the Pools.


Matchday 2 - at Champion Hill




- Our home opener served as a rude awakening as despite taking an early lead, we could not hold off Barrow and lose in heartbreaking fashion.


Matchday 3 - at Champion Hill




- We bounce back quickly though and beat our fellow Conference South promotees Billericay.


Matchday 4 - at the Gateshead International Stadium




- Abject finishing hurt us on our second trip to the North-East as the Head take all 3 points.


Matchday 5 - at Champion Hill




- We end August with a narrow win over Macclesfield, despite a worrying sign in Moses Makasi getting his second red card of the month.


National League table presented by RBS



- An up-and-down start to the season sees us start in mid-table but with momentum on our side.

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Part 10 - Settling Down and Springing Up

Welcome back to Champion Hill!As we settle into life in the National League, things are looking up!What will September and October bring?Let's find out!


Matchday 6 - at Meadow Park




- We open September with our first draw at this level, as we battle back from an early deficit in Borehamwood.


Matchday 7 - at Champion Hill




- It's a semi-shootout in Dulwich as Ebbsfleet score 2 late goals to turn a 5-1 thumping into a semi-respectable scoreline.


Matchday 8 - at Damson Park




- Our jaunt to the Midlands results in a comeback win as Solihull Moors fail to put us away and we stick our chances.


Matchday 9 - at the Hive




- That's 3 in a row as we swipe victory on our way back to Dulwich.


Matchday 10 - at Champion Hill




- We end up drawing our return home in a game where our defense hold firm against a charging Ammies side.


Matchday 11 - at Champion Hill




- September ends with a narrow win against a Stevenage side who resisted our offensive pressure admirably to keep the margin down.


September League Table presented by RBS



- An unbeaten September sees us surge into the thick of the promotion picture.


Matchday 12 - at Champion Hill




- October begins with a pulsating draw against a Sutton United side struggling at the wrong end of the table.


Matchday 13 - at Brisbane Road




- A cross-London match against Orient sees our unbeaten streak stretch to nine matches now.


Matchday 14 -  at the Aldershot Rec Ground




- A Kyle Connell brace makes it ten matches unbeaten.


Matchday 15 - at Champion Hill




- The run continues with a solid victory over York City.


Matchday 16 - at Victoria Road




- Another cross-London trip, another 3 points.


October League table presented by RBS




- Our unbeaten run sees us surge up to the top of non-League football.


Also, a little something came in the mail....




See y'all soon!Christmas looks to be a big rush!

Screenshot_20181120-022751_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Edited by KennyMiller27
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Part 11 - Holiday Hijinx

Happy holidays from all at Dulwich Hamlet! With the club entering the holiday period top of the National League, would Mr. Claus reward us for being nice, or would we get a big lump of coal?


Matchday 17 - at Champion Hill




- November sees us start growing our beards for a club-wide #movember challenge, and stretch our unbeaten run to thirteen matches.


Matchday 18 - at Mill Farm




- Fourteen now but by the narrowest of margins as we escape the Lancs coast with a win.


Matchday 19 - at Champion Hill




- A solid victory against last-place Harrogate sees the run now at a blistering fifteen matches.


Matchday 20 - at the Silverlake




- Sixteen now as another comprehensive victory see us close November with a 100% record.


November League table presented by RBS




Another piece of mail came in from league offices:





Matchday 21 - at Hayes Lane




- We open December with a short jaunt across London and another 3 points.


Matchday 22 - at Champion Hill




- Here it is, folks. After seventeen games unbeaten, we have finally lost another match in the National League, in a pulsating game.


Matchday 23 - at Champion Hill




- In a quick turnaround game, Dover Athletic hoped to capitalize on our loss on the Saturday.....and then they get absolutely thumped in a show of force.


Matchday 24 - at Champion Hill




- And then we hand out back-to-back thumpings this week, Pools being the latest victims.


Matchday 25 - at the New Lodge




- Boxing Day sees us make the trip up to Essex and edge out Billericay for the 4th time in 2 years.


Matchday 26 - at Holker Street




- We close the book on 2019 with a solid victory in Cumbria against a borderline-playoff Barrow side.


December League table presented by RBS




- That long run really put some distance between us and the pack, as we end 2019 13 points on top.

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