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iScout Dennis Man


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Name: Dennis Man



Position: AM RC, ST

Preferred role: Inside forward 

Club: FCSB (Romania)

Nationality: Romanian 

Value: 4,2€

Starting Stats:A1135FE1-DE66-4405-A9F8-807D4C340412.thumb.png.bb6d1cab519f68cd68e8bc7d067b58a4.png


Stats after 2 seasons:46D64C92-E52D-470B-82D4-0E7A94B2C072.thumb.png.c8d505b8881045f1b737ce59fc3ddf7f.pngAB47735E-7EC7-417E-AC85-723216C49EEF.thumb.png.491146ce8f57dd5cd3e61f9f1c8dc779.png


He is very good for average teams but can do well for the European giants. Like in real life, in FMM he is very professional, likes to train a lot and always wants to improve. His strength is running for through balls (movement quickly reaching 20). A negative could be the asking price, you can get him at around 15M € (in Romanian media, rumors sais that FCSB refused this offer from Man UTD) also having a release clause of 100M€


Here you can see a bit of him:


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Don't think he's good enough (yet) for Juve, but he could be if he keeps growing like that. Good player for EL teams. Nice find 👍 

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