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Chat Lower League Long Ball Goals


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Love the new replay feature, makes it so much easier to grab screencasts. Couldn't resist throwing this one together:


I love playing in the lower leagues because of goals like these. Get a pacy striker and play it long to them. Doesn't work higher up as the defenders are too good and cut these passes out...

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Thanks @Cockers2505 - yeah, I used to try to use the same top level tactics when I played down low and it didn't work so well. Then in the Challenge Cup, @Damilare dropped the hint to "remember this a lower league", so I tried long ball and wow did it work well at that level, with great goals like above.

It worked so well that tried to use it at Real Madrid and Newcastle, but it failed miserably... Maybe the offside trap, maybe they are just faster and anticipate better, like you say. 

I like to play lower league every so often now, just to see these goals go in every week. :D

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