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Career 30 Years at Burnley Career (Start of Season 1)


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Hi everyone, I've recently found this site for FMM. I'm going to do a career at Burnley where I'll hopefully have the mental endurance to keep playing one career for 30 years (I've never done that before since I started playing FMM17😅).

Without further ado, let me present to you my objectives for this 30 years at Burnley Career:

1. Improve training facilities and youth facilities to State of the Art and Top.

2. Win all of the available trophies in at least five out of the thirty seasons. (I have a feeling this is going to be difficult).



TheSun bringing to you BREAKING NEWS: Sean Dyche FIRED??? New manager Mr Sonneratia takes over!!! Press conference announced on 1st July 2018!


Press Conference

Reuters Reporter: Good afternoon Burnley's Owner, why have you fired Sean Dyche? Didn't he do particularly well for the first season of Burnley's return to the Premier League?

Boss of Burnley: Well, he was just another Rafael Benitez at Newcastle or Mourinho at Man Utd  who keeps demanding more money in private. Firing him is the easy way out! 😁 Luckily, I've managed to find a new manager who will be satisfied with a limited budget.


TheGuardian Reporter: Mr Sonneratia, what are your expectations for the upcoming season? 


Mr Sonneratia: Well, I'm hoping for a top half finish. I'm not sure whether I can replicate my predecessor, but I believe I can achieve a satisfactory 8th place. No doubt, it won't be easy with strong newcomers like Wolves with quality players, but I believe the squad I have at my disposal is good enough.


BBC Reporter: What is your opinion of the squad?


Mr Sonneratia: Well, like I've mentioned just now, the club is in a good position to challenge for a top half finish. We have great depth for many positions and I think I have sufficient money to sign a few quality players to improve the squad. That being said though, I feel that quite a number of players are too complacent after last season's "success". It is important that they do not let their guard own and slack. Or else, I will practice the policy of meting out harsh punishments (2 weeks of wages fined) along with not playing them in matches until they improve their behaviour. I'll want to focus on signing a full-back or two, a central midfielder and perhaps a winger. There are also a number of players which I do not have any use for so I'll definitely consider selling them.


Burnley Express Reporter: What will be your preferred playing style?

Mr Sonneratia: Great question! For the first two seasons, I will want to focus on our defence first and make sure that we are rock solid in that area. Once we've got that sorted, I will like to use a more fancy, attractive style of attacking football. There's no use challenging for trophies if we are conceding too many goals per game. As of now, I think playing counter football is the best option. I want to utilise long balls to feed my top aerial strikers goals. It would definitely help in investing in a winger with a deadly cross, or a player who excels at corner kicks. I can definitely see most of our goals coming from set-pieces or crosses from counter attacks.


Mr Sonneratia: Well, thank you everyone who have attended this press conference. I hoped that it gave you more insights as to who I am as a manager. Hopefully when we meet again next year, I may surprise all of you with excellent results!


That's all for today. I intent on taking my time doing this challenge (to avoid burning myself out). Hopefully I can complete it by end of February next year! 


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