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Chat Issues with training.


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I've been playing for some time now and have encountered some issues with training that stops me from really enjoying the game. 

The really annoying one is that only players on your first team(not on loan or in the reserves) actually follow the training I assign them. For example I ask a player who is naturally a poacher to retrain as a target man and set up a suitable training for him. About a week later I check up on him and he has reverted to training as a poacher and the attribute I set him to focus on has changed back to the default. 

Now if it was just one or two players I might be able to write it off, but this happens to everyone who's not on my first team! It really takes me out of it because I like to keep my first team limited to 22 players and keep the rest in the reserves(either playing if they're in a playable league, e.g Jong AZ, Valencia Mestalla, or out on loan) until they're ready to make the step up. 

It's really hard to develop my players like this, I hope SI sorts it out soon. 

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i dont think there a problem with that,i meant why does non 1st team gonna follow your instruction when you not their coach?

loaners will follow their manager at their club 

reserve will follow the reserve coach

its more real no?

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