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Help Player Stats and what they mean...


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I don't suppose there's a list around that details exactly what all of the stats influence...

Some are obvious I guess, like crossing is good for... uh... crossing the ball from the wings. But what about decisions or creativity. Surely creativity to a striker is different to say a goalkeeper.

So yeah... just seeing if anyone has a list that just fleshes out the stats in a little more detail...



(P.S. Classic FMM16 image for reference.)


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Technical attributes 

  • Aerial: How good he is at heading the ball
  • Crossing: How well he can cross a football and generally players with a high rating here are good a corners as well.
  • Dribbling: How good he is with the ball at his feet.
  • Passing: How well he can pass a football to a teammate
  • Shooting: How good he is at shooting at goal.
  • Tackling: How good he is at winning the ball back.
  • Technique: This is about how good he is on the ball so a higher technique means he is more skilful with the football. You can link this to dribbling and passing and the higher his technique the more successful those skills will be so especially under pressure from the opposition.


  • Aggression: This is good in defenders as a more aggressive player is more likely to get stuck in and win the ball back whereas a less aggressive player may just sit back and let the player on the ball do what he wants.
  • Creativity: This is linked to passing and crossing. A high rating here will mean your player is more likely to see a killer pass but how will he plays that pass is based on his passing/crossing.
  • Decisions: Does the player do the right thing at the right time. 
  • Leadership: A high rating here will mean that player will help organise on the pitch and is vital for your teams captain but also good in other players especially at the back.
  • Movement: Players is attacking roles need this and it helps them get away from there marker to find space on the pitch.
  • Positioning: You want this in players who play in defensive roles as it means they will be in good positions on the pitch to make interceptions or tackles.
  • Teamwork: This is how hard your player works for the team and whether he interacts well with his team mates on the pitch. A low rating may indicate a selfish player.


  • Pace: How fast the player is.
  • Stamina: How long it takes for the player to get tired in a match and how long it takes him to recover after.
  • Strength: How strong he is.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you Foxy.

Very helpful and, actually, this has made me think more about what I need to train people in. I assumed some of these stats were redundant for certain positions, but perhaps not...

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31 minutes ago, Manjus said:

 I assumed some of these stats were redundant for certain positions, but perhaps not...

I think redundant is a strong term but in some positions you won't get players with good numbers in certain attributes.

For example.

  • Positioning is primarily a defensive attribute so players with a high number here will be in position like CB,FB and DMC. It is unlikely you will find a winger, advanced playmaker or striker with high positioning.
  • Movement is primarily an attacking attribute so strikers, wingers and attacking midfielders benefit from having a high number here.

In an ideal word you want players with high numbers everywhere so they are complete footballers but that doesn't happen in real life and it doesn't happen in FMM so the key is knowing what suits which position and role.


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So are all stats useful in all positions to some degree then? Just that some are more of a priority.. Like Positioning being a primary Defensive attribute as you stated previously?

Your descriptions have certainly influenced my attribute training today, and for the future no doubt.

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7 minutes ago, Manjus said:

So are all stats useful in all positions to some degree then? Just that some are more of a priority.

Well it is very unlikely you would find a striker with high positioning or a centre back with high movement so I guess its yes and no. It would be usefull if every player had good attributes across the board but that will never happen so you just need to focus on the important ones in each position. So if your striker has 9 positioning it really isn't going to effect his peformance playing up front.

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