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Help Selling players


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Whenever I put a player up for sale, 2+ teams come for him. How do I choose which transfer offer to accept? For example if Man utd, Barca and chelsea all bid for my player, how do I only accept Barca?

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I do not think it's possible to choose. It's been like this since FMM 17(or 16? I forgot). So you have to accept all the bids & let the players choose, which is annoying.

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I always offer to club. Set the price you want and lower until you get the "interesr" message. Don't go below your minimum though - if you can't get what you want, stick player on loan for three months and assuming it does well it'll sell. 

Transfer listed is crap, loan listed is crap and only gets crappy teams that have no fixtures. 

Always offer for sale

Always offer for loan


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