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Iam currently managing Manchester United in my 3rd season and many of my top players want new contracts the problem is every time a new player ask for a new contract they ask for a high signing on fee which I can’t offer despite the fact having significant money is this a bug or something can someone help me?29CE08DE-B43F-464B-A8CE-EE902B8424D8.thumb.png.4133676ddd0bf71f6371ddfbdfabf9da.png




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1 hour ago, Nucleus said:

Have you tried offering them the maximum you can give?

Offered Rashford 700k plus 6.5million in signing fee and it’s said he accepted the contract but when I click finalize deal it’s says the negotiations have broken down?



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It's a bug & SI Games have acknowledged this. Please refer to my thread -->


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How do you get the amount offered for a signing on fee to increase. I Am currently on my 7th season on my celtic save. Some of my players are asking for a new contract but I can't get the signing on fee past 1.1 million. I have more than enough funds from sales and can offer £400,000+ n wages but can't get signing on to rise. PLEASE HELP

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