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Fun/Games UKFS Free Agents Experiment


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Hey Guys

Got another cheeky Experiment for you wonderful people!

I noticed that on the In-Game Editor was an option to release all players from a club.


So what I've done is release every player from every club the following countries Top League


So what will hopefully happen is that each team from these leagues will start rebuilding their squads from the free agents list!

But who will come out on top of the European ladder come the end of the season and who will end up being fodder!



What do you guys think will be the outcome then? will the big clubs buy wisely and still dominate? where will Messi and Ronaldo end up? will Burnley win the Premier League? All will be revealed!

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6 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

My prediction is that the AI will spoil this really good idea by not signing wisely 🙁

Early doors and it seems the AI is doing bits mate haha


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So where do we start!?!

In the spoiler below is some of the bigger signings!



Early on League Tables suggest change in the status quo!

Everton and Leicester seem to have bought very well!


Nurnberg lead the way in the Bundesliga! Bayern and Dortmund have bought well though so i'd say they will be at the top come the end of the season.


Getafe doing bits in the Spanish Prem! haven't signed anyone HUGE but bought smart and doing well. Real Madrid nowhere to be seen as yet! Barcelona 2 out of 2 so expect them to be up there too.


Genoa sit top after 4 game but Roma and Inter both have 3 out of 3 so far so they look decent with Juve on one defeat so can they bounce back and get back tot he top!





World signings wise below is the top valued players in the world!

PSG look like they will be the big winners from this as they kept their squad and was able to strengthen it even more for free so they'll be happy



We will see you at the end of the season to see what happened!

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