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Tactics [EME] Duncan’s 4312 - Free Scoring - Testers Required


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Hey guys, so I thought that with the start of FMM19 as always I’d try to make a custom tactic to see how well I could understand the tactics(3 tears of making my own tactics and i’m still none the wiser, but hey this seems to be working) 

Any how this is my formation so far, i’ve Used it for the first 10 games of the season and all seems to be going well. Would love some fellow players to test and see there thoughts.


8534349F-9671-4CC3-86C3-021E875FF4C0.thumb.png.261044d0759e105278c8245d4d26bf23.pngI play poacher and a target man usually, but due to an injury i’ve had to make an adaption currently.

B2B3DC56-C323-42D0-AA1D-0A204357C2B2.thumb.png.53edcd3d1eaec35612afe140cb00ddc8.pngEverything’s balanced due to currently being in non league. I play dicsiplined football due to having limited to no creativity at this level, when promotion comes’s and I’ve gotten better players i’ll see about adjusting then.DC3180A2-9974-4E7D-A717-41CEAC0D96E8.thumb.png.3ff553c9e9d8e16e7cf548b064c8569e.pngI play a high defensive line as it suits how I’d like my team to line up. Time wasting is on.BA1DAADF-A51C-4B88-B37C-9B49A89EA3A1.thumb.png.b96b0dfe414f30bd708f3866cd089a70.pngSimple football - work it into the box and run at the defence. Mixed passing style with a central focus due to having to wide players.

Below is how the season’s looking so far. Many thanks


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I'll try and give this a run - I've started a new save as Truro so perfect to test at this base level further. Currnetly using a 4,2,3,1 and it's ok but struggles against sthe very central tactics of some teams. 

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Gave this a few games at lunch:

All of my players are 4 or 5 star current ability for the league (apart from one striker, the TM, who is 3/3 

Notable outcomes were: 

0-2 loss against team I was favorites to win (no native BWM or DLP in mid so this could impact that). 

2-1 win against team I was favortes to win - Low posession(?spelling), shots, clear cut chances stats though

Overall - I think I would need to buy in a few players in Mid to fully test.

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Just an end of season round up. In my second season with the club, first with this formation I won the league with quite a substantial GD.F6D01950-816C-4C85-8CAD-F1D13AD388BB.thumb.png.52bcfb74ea701b6917abce44402474d6.png

below are the stats for my team, and my top two goal scorers.DAA26DE7-AD14-4662-853F-78D26CBF00C7.thumb.jpeg.13ad7165a671edb94a9609114125485a.jpeg5FC25FD5-EFDA-4D0F-9363-684C68D866BD.thumb.jpeg.7b94d6bbb5387b3965cd450ba2d66eb2.jpeg6774E5D7-73AB-424F-89C9-F481CBA4F782.thumb.jpeg.5c2fa60e2ea4302d8ec72cd6e8f6fb6c.jpeg273AAC57-9198-41F7-96F0-3D78522D6050.thumb.jpeg.f934b3efa2ae5ff4955c21d8722c59cc.jpeg2107C24B-13B7-4861-BC25-EAB6710FEFFD.thumb.jpeg.f1261a4dafc96e1d9a3a68241e8d0671.jpegA3B864AE-3CC7-4A43-85E7-0189C3916A42.thumb.jpeg.d647109f0ed42cd7fd11425aefe5b6c4.jpeg



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Season 3 has now ended(my second with the formation). So we’ve won the league! 

5964C2DE-CCC4-4568-9013-E539A4CA811F.thumb.png.db3131553573ca53a22206a8b54f89eb.pngAnother 100+ goal season! Though we shipped a lot more goals this season, so a toughen up if the defence may be be required moving forward.

Two different tip score sets due to the sale of one and two free transfers of better quality coming in. Both returns for my main two strikers are shown below51E06269-4FB8-4C06-B2DD-54243D78F094.thumb.png.43e7ddc20e2276af34420c87b10c8a5a.pngBA70C02A-680A-4838-BBE3-9AEAEC08C50A.thumb.png.b0c1c1a968450852a6dc1cadf9b77e2f.pngBC4BF610-5747-4343-AD30-66E480003016.thumb.png.33650b658a254eeee25412343fed0136.png

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