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Career Mission impossible - triple 1k attempt by fRESH The End


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Hello all !

In this thread we are going to try to make impossible happen. We are going for triple 1k attempt. Seems impossible without itn allowed ? Yes ! Will we still go for it ? Ofcourse ! I know literally everything has to go in our way and we have to get lucky with injuries. Well this is only my opinion and i have no idea where we end up. Im thinking about ending somewhere between 2600-2800, but lets see. 


We need surely best club in division, with good facilities and healthy transfer budget. After discussion on my head 2 clubs remained- PSG and Bayer . Hard choice. Choosen club is:


With having some more games at France made my choice. Also im familiar with french league as i played my 4in1 challenge there last year. They are on double budget also. 


There was big debat about including international. But i just couldnt find any country players to fit into my tactic. So opted with a change of having very best youngsters of this year. Choosen players:


Fabio Silva is one of this year greatest wonderkids. He has amasing areial ability and will grow fast.Willem-Geubbels1.thumb.jpg.df06313ad7373f3c47804d135d182155.jpg

Willem Geubbels fits just perfectly into tactic. As long as he can stay injury free, he will be one of the greats.


Pietro Pellegri is the last man in our triple. Best wonderkid this year, he will be beast once again.


Lets call our three players GPS in this topic. Mission is hard, but doable. I expecting to cut short of target 3000. Anyway stay tuned for first update later this week.

Edited by fRESH
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16 hours ago, Titjes said:

Good luck ;) Great choice of players. If Pellegri is as good as last year FMM, then this will be no problem :)

Thanks, he turnes into beast in test save, im confident 


15 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Couldn't you have picked something a little harder? 😂 


You have to push yourself to the limit to get best result sometimes. Thanks!

14 hours ago, Rob2017 said:

Best of luck! You’ve gone nice and young, so plenty of years ahead of you.

Yes, hopefully atleast 20 seasons ahead of me. Thanks !

Edited by fRESH
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Hello !

Im back with an first update to my TT career. What did i expect from season 1? 

1. Survive as PSG manager -  Its pretty obvious that 16-17 years old kids cant rule a world and they wont win all as my tactic is heavily depending on them. So main target was to win league and maybe some cup would be great also.

2. Get those 3 players to score over 100 goals. That should be doable. I created graphic to myself how to reach triple 1k and my first season target was set on 100.

3. Create a squad that will fit my system. That cant be done in 1 year, but i must start. I can say that i forgotted to screenshot tranfers. But i will give u little update still about who came in.

Transfer in:

Oblak,Henrichs,Varane,De Ligt,Alaba, Diawara,Claudio Gomes, Asensio, Bernando Silva,Geubbels,Pellegri and Fabio Silva

Transfers out: D.Alves,Marquinhos, T.Silva,Kimbepe,Bernat,Verrati,Rabiot, L.Diarra,Cavani,Jese and the other deadwood.

Many guys left on exchange deals also. 

That trimmed my squad to kinda little, what ruined my season ending as half of my team was injured.

Onto our season now762536163_Screenshot_20181118-152609_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.c9e1d87ffc19d1e12f3b4d2308929fea.jpg

Our league perfomance had his ups and downs. We lost and draw 7 games but all of those were high scoring games. Defence seemed to be my problem and i solved it at the end of season. Better hopes at next season. We crushed out at coupe de la ligue on first round on penalties. We ended game 3-3 and misses by Silva and Geubbels cost us on shootout. Reached semis on CL and was kicked out by Bayer on away goals. 


6 PSG players were choosen into French XI . None of them made it into World XI.

Before looking how our trio did, lets find out who did assist them.1303559276_Screenshot_20181118-152555_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.445bf63c6b5c65e2bd74e47f83eca00e.jpg

Bernando leads the assist chart with 21. Followed by Neymar (16) and Asensio (15). They all had injury plagued season so im hoping for more of them in coming year.

Now onto our challengers. Did they reach promised 100 goals ? No. They ended up year with 94 goals, which is just 6 short of my target.


Pellegri hits just 23 this year. Big dissapoitment. He had injury problems throw the year. Fitness was also problem. Hoping for big improvement next year.626554140_Screenshot_20181118-152525_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.efae25b5264f4f1d3546de82cb6d295a.jpg

Silva bags just 21. He also had injuries and even bigger fitness struggle. Hoping for big improvement for him also. He will also be centre striker for next season. ( i will change centre striker every year to get thwm hit similar scores)


50 goals ! What a season by young frenchman. He was a centrepiecw this year and he took great. He saved our year.

Challenge total:

Pellegri 23/1000

Silva 21/1000

Geubbels 50/1000

Total: 94/3000

Overall i can be happy with way things are going. Hopelly there will be more goals at coming seasons we can reach my landmark of 120 goals.


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Hello !

Im back with an second update. Young trio is getting better and better. So what to wait from season 2 ? Only answer is more goals. I dont really care about cl and stuff as i need goals. Now lets see how our season went.274099844_Screenshot_20181119-190948_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.bfadd0227f342a9fef28e8cbb7256dd5.jpg

5 more goals at league. Just couple of points more. Pretty similar league run as last year. Won easily supercup and french cup. Lost on quaters of CL to Bayer again.(i hate them) Coupe de la ligue isnt my priority as my subs play this.

Now lets see who came in and who went out.529801150_Screenshot_20181119-191032_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.075ecdee0edadf1ffbb152cd229e4dc5.jpg

I wanted to keep Di Maria, but he wanted more gametime so i had to let him leave.712787942_Screenshot_20181119-191021_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.837cbef4252873bc393dfb2ebd006ab3.jpg

Hernandes cames in as sub left back, isak as backup striker, pavon to compete on right wing with Neymar and dilsorun came in for di maria to offer backup.


9/11 are PSG players, pretty dominant this year. But still failed to get anybody at World XI.

Before looking our challenge lets see who assisted them this year.1176809020_Screenshot_20181119-190917_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.767b4b9cccde1ad27039151c22b53fd9.jpg

Neymar was the king of assist with 33. Followed closly by Asensio with 31. Things really atart to clicking.

Now lets take on our TT. Can trio break expected 120 goals ? No. They hit 109 which is just short again.362066865_Screenshot_20181119-190902_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.c63dc6839e5d332b53e499c6ae751faf.jpg

Pellegri gets himself 36 this year. Steady progress what im happy about.


What a season from young Portugese. 48 goals is great return from 17 old.


Geubbels had injury plagued season. He did great when he was playing. 25 goals this season.


Challenge total:

Pellegri: 59/1000

Silva: 69/1000



Overall steady progess at players. Hoping for 130 goals next season. 


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Solid start for first 2 seasons with young players. Hope Guebbels doesn’t have as many injuries as he seemed to get in FMM18.

Is one of the AMs stealing goals off your TT strikers? B. Silva did that for me once as an AMC

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Cheers urz !

Bernando has hit 17 and 19 in two seasons, this seems yo be casual with my formation, got no worries with it. I just need to get my trio shot to goal ratio better and i believe we can new hights in next couple of seasons. Geubbels seemed to be kinda injury free in my test save atleast.

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Had Geubels not been injured no doubt you'd have gotten those 120 gls. Still solid progress overall and on track for success. I'm still believing. 

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7 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Had Geubels not been injured no doubt you'd have gotten those 120 gls. Still solid progress overall and on track for success. I'm still believing. 

Thanks Bati ! Im happy with the way things are going. I have allready season 3 in bag and knce again Geubbels let me down with horrible form.

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Hey guys ! Im in trouble. I destroyed my phone last night and had to buy new one. Is there any way to get my savegame from that phone ? Or i must start this all over again ? I'm kinda stupid with electronics, so i hope i can recover savegame somehow.

Edited by fRESH
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Hey! Finally i got my savegame back from old phone. Only problem is i am missing any screenshots from season 3. I will give u update tonight with a seasons 3 and 4 included !

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9 hours ago, fRESH said:

Hey! Finally i got my savegame back from old phone. Only problem is i am missing any screenshots from season 3. I will give u update tonight with a seasons 3 and 4 included !

Can't wait :)

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Season 3 and 4

First of all i wana apologise for not having any screenshots from season 3. From season 4 ive only got ending screens.


On season 3 we did cleen sweep of trophies and won PSG them first ever CL trophy. Above is picture how did we do on season 4. We lost against Spurs on Cl quater on away goals again. We also lost on French Cup quater against Monaco(who did win this competition).

Our league run was pretty easy. We scored 116 goals on league this time.

We did beat monaco on Supercup 3-0

Euro Supercup we played Liverpool and we did beat them 3-1

Coupe De La Ligue final was played against rennes and beat them 3-1

At CWC final we were against Santos. We did win this game 4-0

Trouble Threat Challenge

Our target in season 3 was 130 goals and on season 4 was targeted to hit 140.  Lets see how did our main boys do.


Geubbels added 25 on season 3 which is big dissapointment. I tried many roles at him but still had to stick with poacher as he seems to hit best with it. Year later he added 38 goals to his name. That aint too bad considiring he played on 49 games. He has total 138 goals to his for PSG after 4 seaons. He really needs to step up at coming seaons.1700043192_Screenshot_20181128-110216_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.15a2d473b88dd2a7a51613231b9aadf1.jpg

At seasons 3 Pellegri had his best return till date with 48 goals to his name. Adding 38 to his name year later. Little bit less than i expect, but i think everything is under control. He has total of 144 goals at PSG.


Take a bow son. 54 goals on season 3 is best ive got at this career and that really is great return. He added 38 year later. 161 total to his name.


At season 3 we did score 127 goals. That means (-3) to our plan.

At season 4 we did hit 114 goals. Means (-26) accorind my graphic.


We really need to step up on coming seasons to target our promised triple 1k. Only player im worried about is Geubbels as he stats isnt increasing as i was expecting. We are 44 goals behind my graphic, but i cab deal with it. Lets hope better numbers from coming seasons.

Challenge total:

Geubbels: 138/1000

Pellegri: 144/1000

Silva: 161/1000

Total 443/3000

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22 hours ago, URz said:

Glad you got your save back @fRESH

A good couple of seasons considering they are all still quite young. They should kick on from here onwards.

Yep, they are still young enough to take next step. I ve allready completed season 5 and i will probably write it down tommorrow.

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Season 5 

Hey Vibe ! Im back with an new update on my TT career. I have completed season 5 and want to share it with you.

So, how did season go ?



In league we scored solid 113 goals and won by 89 points. 

French super Cup- Played Monaco , game ended 4-4 and we won on penalties.

CL- Lost against Liverpool on away goals with Mo Slah hittin extra time 120+2 winner. Im gutted -.-

Coupe De La Ligue-  Beat OM at final 3-1

French Cup- Lost on quaters to monaco with scoreline 2-4

I like it much more in this year game its harder to win cup games. League with PSG is easypeasy ass allways. 

Here are some awards from the season:



Solid season from Silva



But Pellegri headed for main award.


10/11 on league XI. Solid.

Lets also took alook on my manager profile.


We have spent heavily over 800 million. Only two greens on board, but who cares about ehat FMM think.

Just before going to our main guys, lets take a look who were assist provider.


Asensio once again leading assist chart with 28. Clously followed by Neymar with 24.

Trouble threat Challenge

Im not  setting any targets at this stage at career. I just trying to get as many goals as i can get. Lets take a look how my boys did in their fifth season.


Geubbels once again with 38 goals. Solid effort, but needing more complete our challenge.


Pellegri once again hitting over 40. He returned me 44 in 58 games. Im happy with it.


Fabio Silva gets himself 37 goals this time around. Some little injuries also. He also needs to start hitting more.



Overall we scored 119 goals this season. That way short what i wanted, but i was looking for tactic adjustment over season ans i think i found it. I have also completed season 6 and you can see below how did we do.


Season 6

We scored 119 goals last time. Can we do it better this time? Lets find out.

First of all i wana show u how my trio are looking after 6 years in PSG.1409337516_Screenshot_20181129-234311_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.c4f8f894b2961f5aab35034ccd97cc98.jpg

His psyhicals are very nice. Im hoping to get tehnique and dribbling also into green and i can be very happy with him. Monster indeed.


Lots of greens just in right places. Very good player.432869858_Screenshot_20181129-234332_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.dbc474281b51dd18989cc7d95e32b735.jpg

He is beast. Thats scary how he is looking like.Great player for years to come.

Now lets take a look how did we do in season 6.398371368_Screenshot_20181129-234419_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.1534997f9147051e99b1744f760f4fa1.jpg

My best league campain with 129 goals. They are really starting to click.

French Super Cup


What a game to start a season ! Geubbels with and 4 goals. Perfect start.

Coupe De La Ligue


Monaco taking 2-0 lead at first half and couldnt fight back  and go out.

French Cup


Solid 2-0 win at final. Pellegri gets 1.


First i wana show u crasiest game i ever had on FMM.1241510848_Screenshot_20181129-225147_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.8ad01da2c220320cb41596b69d48758c.jpg

We did won first game 2-0 and happened this. Simply incredible. This game encouarged as to reach final again this year. Where we met Dortmund.


Close game, but Geubbels brace and Silva 1 goal is enough to give us second CL trophy in this career. Also glad with extra games next season.

My trio got some awards this year.1256105231_Screenshot_20181129-213001_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.f6c4efd50780fb9126e769d3e5c73999.jpg821858253_Screenshot_20181129-234201_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.d7ffe6345825ce6ab2f358a7842aad78.jpg961886906_Screenshot_20181129-234124_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.ef7f7306dff08ef4c55ccf4678271223.jpg

And lets take a look on French league XI.


Brilliant. All my guys put there. No words needed. Asensio and Geubbels made it into world XI also.

Before heading into our challenge, lets take a look at assists.


Once again Asensio leading 34 and clously followes by Neymar who had lot of injuries this year.

Now we can take a look how our trio did in season 6. I had high expectations. Can they fullfil it ? I can give u hint that was my best year till date.


Oh boy ! Best return at this career by far. 63 goals in 58 games. Im very happy about that. I hope he can keep it that way!


39 goals in 58 games. Not his best, but i can live with that. 


Injury plagued season. As he managed to play 44 games only. He netted 32 times this time around. Could have been much better without injuries, hes form was scary.



We had our best season till date. I hope can do even better next season and finally brake 150 goals line.

Challenge total:

Fabio Silva : 230/1000

Pellegri : 227/1000

Geubbels : 239/1000

Thank you for reading !


Edited by fRESH
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9-8?? 😂 Is this (baseball) BMM? 

As long as those goals are flying in is all that matters. They're improving well those boys, hope it results in more goals for the big 150.

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Season 7

So we are back with an anotherr update. Lets find out how me and boys did in season 7.



Cleane sweep, with low league effort. Only 111 goals this time.

French Supercup


Close 3-2 on our first encounter. Only Pellegri on scoresheet.

Euro Supercup


Massive 4-1 over City. Also only Pellegri on scoresheet.



We beat Boca easily enough. Geubbels and Pellegri with braces. Silva adding fifth goal.

Coupe de la ligue


Another easy win on the bag. Pellegri with hattrick and Silva with an brace.

French Cup


Another sick game that we won easily. Silva with brace and Pellegri and Geubbeld with 1.



Narrow win to take home our third CL trophy. 

Our boys won many awards. Lets take a look at them.



And lets also take a look at French XI


Not so dominant this year, buts its okey.

World XI1018822473_Screenshot_20181201-153006_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.d03beab71e9c85c85b8ed4a53832655e.jpg

Three players reaching there. Solid.


Also at this season we got one more challenge done.406369478_Screenshot_20181201-124829_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.5e818f52f92b09d5431ea122db7ca2ab.jpg

They finally built me a stadium ! I didnt want to name it, but they did still name it after me.

The assists.

I forgotted to screen assisters, i eana apologise for that.

The Main event


Pellegri lowest return in years. Really dissapointed with him.1371554033_Screenshot_20181201-152905_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.f13519bbb69b408afa28be49ad4153a3.jpg

But Silva hits his best return till date. What a beast. 55goals on 65 games.


Geubbels is even better. He hits career high 67 goals in 65 games.


In total our trio did hit 153 goals which best i have got in this career. Very happy indeed. Longer conculusion after season 8.


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4 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

It's hard to make all 3 shine every season. This year was simply Geubels year. Congrats on the 150+ 👍 

Yep, thats true. I cant take everybody to score over 50. But im also happy if 2/3 of them does that. I can give u hint that next season has lot of injuries on it. But there are some new record also ;)

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Season 8

We have also completed season 8. Can we reach new hights ? Lets find out.


Our best league camping with scoring 143 goals. I hope there is more to come ! Im very happy about it.

French Supercup1536878764_Screenshot_20181201-153514_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.56b1b79f7bf6a3a5242b0215b8bd8843.jpg

Narrow win on penalties. Our new signing Lafont saved 4 penalties on shootout. What a guy !

Euro Supercup


Close win over Lazio,substitute Mbappe scoring late brace to secure win.



Win on extra time, inspired by Geubbels brace late on. 

Coupe de la ligue


Easy win over lyon, with Silva scoring an hattrick.

French Cup


Close win over Angers. Only Silva netting once.



Fabio Silva missed penalties ruins over game and we go out on away goals once again. Close...

Season awards



We also had some guys in French XI


9/11 this time.

4/11 into world XI but i forgotted to screenshot it.


Lets take a look who were prime assisters on season 8.


Asensio with an incredible 45 assists. Followed by Bernando with 32. Our Neymar replacement Pulisic only gets 19 assists on his first season.

Main event

How did our main guys do this season ? Can they beat their last seasons 153 goals ?


Pellegri nets only 29 this time. He had lot of little injuries and that kinda ruined his form. Big dissapointment once again.


Silva nets 49 in 8 games less played than last year. Better ratio, but 6 less goals. I can deal with it.


Take a bow. 2 more goals in 17 games less played. What a guy, he is really delivering. Cant ask for much more from him.



Overall we had great sucess on last 2 years as they were our top years. Netting 153 and 146. Im happy with their scoring and hoping for more feom Pellegri in coming seasons.


Challenge total:

Pellegri: 287/1000

Fabio Silva : 334/1000

Geubbels: 375/1000

Overall : 996/3000

We have completed only 1/3 of our target in 8 years. We really need to step up and hit more more goals from our guys. Im pretty confident in Geubbels and Silva making it, but im really worried with Pellegri. Hope there is more to come.


Stay tuned !


Edited by fRESH
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Season 9

We have finished our 9th season of career. Lets take a quick look how did we do in our season.


Kinda dissapointing season to be honest. Only netting 110 goals in league and crushing out on french cup semis. 

French Supercup


Easy 5-2 win inspired by Geubbels double .

Coupe de la ligue


What a game by Geubbels ! Netting 5 in a grand final. This dude is a real deal.

French Cup


This just seems to happen with my tactic, as i have to take 2-3 heavy losses per season. This time it happened like this.



Atleast we won CL once again. Solid win with Silva and Pellegri on scoresheet

We also did won some awards.


And a French XI



Great result overall, cant ask for more.

World XI


Only Geubbels was setting hights reaching world XI.

Lets take a quick look who where the main assister of a season.


Asensio is just so good. 38 assists again this season. Followed by Bernando with 26.

The main event


Dissapointing season from Silva as he only nets 35 this time around. I was tweaking tactics and looking something better but failed hardly.

Total: 370/1000


Pellegri also with 35. 6 more goals than last time, but atill not good enough.

Total: 322/1000


Geubbels in the new hights again. Reaching 70s this time around. He is just so good. 

Total: 445/1000



140 goals this time only again. Dissapointed once again, hoping big things to come in coming season.

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Season 10

Last season we did hit 140 goals. Can we finally step up and score atleast 170 goals. Lets find out.


Much better season with 143 goals. Only bad thing is that we crushed out at french cup eleventh round because of itn games took all our first XI players and i had to play with greyed out players.

French Supercup


Unlucky this time. Monaco takes a narrow win.

Euro Supercup


Close win over inter, with them getting 2 red cards.



Julian Draxler hits an extra time winner for us.

Coupe de la ligue


Another close win at final. Geubbels getting on scoresheet.

French Cup


Luckily we had Mbappe who isnt at France itn anymore, but it wasnt enough as allmost all my other team was greyed out players.



Good 3-1 win over Arsenal. We played 60 minutes with 10men but still managed to beat them easily.

My boys got some awards.


French XI


9/11 this time. Should have been more.

World XI


Geubbels and Asensio are represented.

Who did assist my main boys ?


Once again Asensio leading this chart with 35. Followed by Pellegri with 29 and Bernando with 22.

The Main Challenge


Atleast Silva gets hinself back into 40s. Simply needing more in comjng years. 

Total: 410/1000


Pellegri with 40 aswell. He needs also more goals to make our dream alive.

Total: 362/1000


Look a this boys. An 90 goals in TT, unreal. This guy is a talent. At winter break i was wondering maybe he can hit over 100 but 90 just same good result.

Total: 535/1000

Trio total: 1307/3000

Nearly half way there. Im hoping to complete TT score next season to have a any change at compliting my target.



We had our best season with 170 goals to trio name added. They had 94 on 1st jan so i was hoping for more but at the enf of season their form was terrible. Ia am really hoping to break 200 mark atleast once at this career. Can it be next season ?


Thanks for reading !


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Well it won't be easy to reach 1000 in this carrer, but since it's a triple threat you're still doing great job with amount of goals :) Hope to see your next updates mate !

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