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Career Zenit - 19 Hour Play


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Zenit where Founded in 1925. They were champions of the Russian Premier League in 2007/08, 2010/11, 2011/12 and more recently in 2014/15, They currently are sitting top of the Russian league. Their only single sucess in europe was winning the Uefa Cup (Europa League) in Season 2007/08 and won the Super Cup in 2008/09 season.

The Challange

Domestically i’ll be looking to make them the most dominate force, but it won’t be easy by no manner of means, stiff competition from the likes of CSKA Moscow, Spartak Moscow and Rubin to name but a few.

UFA are a surprising up and coming Russian out fit and are keen ones to watch out for, Rangers knocked them out of this season’s Europa League. But the looked a pretty solid, slick passing side who will no doubts be in about the european places which will be up for grabs 

Key Players



A man who should be familiar to most of us Ivanovic who played for most of his career at Chelsea. He might be ageing but certainly at 34 I think he still could do a job and provide valuable expierence for the big games. His Leadership attribute is at a solid 15 and makes him in contention for captaincy at the club.



A few quality Midfielders at the club and Paredes is one of them at 23 he already boosts a solid set of attributes, some work on him on training will improve him even more and will be key in my Midfield. Good passing and technique is especially vital for me along with stamina which again can only be improved.



I’ve picked Dzuba for this position and yes his tackling is something to cause worry about, but his shooting, ariel, decisions and strength are good, especially as it gives me an option to play two up top with Dzuba just playing off my main striker.

Now with a 19 hour play if I get sacked then I’ll just carry on with the game and apply for other jobs, but hopefully I won’t.

Everything updates etc, will be posted here and on twitter @georgedrummond3 if you want to follow me. 

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I’ve said it once, it’ll say it again, masochist!! 


Good luck, you crazy crazy man

Why are you worried about your strikers tackling attribute? He won’t be using it much surely? Unless I’ve missed something, in which case I apologise 

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35 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

I’ve said it once, it’ll say it again, masochist!! 

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Good luck, you crazy crazy man

Why are you worried about your strikers tackling attribute? He won’t be using it much surely? Unless I’ve missed something, in which case I apologise 

Absouletly right to point this out and it is a valid point, I just feel as a defensive forward it could be key for him as a player to intercept any defender and tackling at a 9 is lowish for my liking i’d perhaps like to see it in the 11/12 ish mark

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While the overall squad could do with improving I was given a transfer budget of £7.7 Million, not much considering the work that I felt needed to be done.

my objective is to win a european place within the league and with that in mind I started to search the free transfer market and look at Scottish Football to pick up a bargain, a league I know very well.

I decided to load up England, China and Spain to go along with my save.



My Transfers for season 1 and there will be a few names that will jump out particularly Evra and Berbatov. Both playing formely for Man United and Tottenham, I felt both could do a job and still add a bit of expierence.


A solid set of attributes especially for 37, of course I know he won’t run up and down the touch line like he used to but he still provides a hand option in my back 4. 


A player that won’t be familiar with all Football Manager Mobile players, but former Motherwell player Allan Campbell certainly is a promising player and it shows on the field, £4.1 Million pound signing and i’d say he’s worth it.

Results So Far


Not a bad start of course disappointment in being knocked out by Olympiakos on away goals in the Europa League but certainly a good start in the league.



I’ve went for a cautious 4-4-1-1 Formation although that being said I can and will adapt it to my usual 4-2-3-1 formation, playing on the counter with pressing I feel this should see us through the save and hopefully bring sucess to Zenit.


Edited by george144
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Update - Season 1


Some good results, some not so good. I don’t like losing a game, who does? But the defeat against CSKA Moscow was an eye opener for me. Certainly the bar was set.


I wasn’t too disappointed, I had most of the possession and Vlasic is a decent player. £30 Million and looks a gem of a player, he could be a Modric type player if worked on in training.


I then faced a prospect of a big bid from Premier League outfit Burnley £23.5 Million, as you can see Crystal Palace and Southampton also showed keen intrest in Kokorin and I accepted.3DA67DE7-D711-4F5E-ACE7-C6D243960125.thumb.png.1b8b6bd8c5fe0de99be572c98d7b665e.png

It adds funds to the kitty something which I need to thing about in season 2 as I look to push further on.

The League table shows we are well into expectations.6BB82846-E596-47BC-98A0-303BE6BC6D2F.thumb.png.5421ef8a64950c1258cff75b491e4721.png

Actually surprised CSKA Moscow aren’t further ahead in the table but I’m happy with start of the season. 2 hours in and the board are still happy! Post another update in about an hour.

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High Hopes

If you gave me 2nd place I would be happy with that, but it looks like we’re in a title challenge in the 1st season. 


5 points clear at the top and in a domestic final also after knocking out Dinamo Moscow in the Semi-Finals.

We also strengthed in the January transfer window, it was no secret I was looking for a back up for the in form Driussi and we done exactly that


Frenchman Maupay has certainly made a bright start since signing for the club and has already started to improve in the short time for the club.

Again I looked at my scottish connections for an inside forward and decided to have a punt on Mackay Steven.22D5895E-3E56-44FA-99CA-706550FFFA82.thumb.png.58ca32b52d958b4a66600b905137f900.png

Formerly of Dundee United, Celtic and more recently Aberdeen he posses good pace and can certainly score a goal or two. Of course I thought about the potential risk of this signing. Not everyone’s cup of tea signing an inside forward with such poor strength and stamina but early signs look positive.


That’s what we have left, think the games against Rubin and Yenisey will be important, infact they all are. I am certainly now hoping my next update will be champions of the Russian Cup Final and the Russian Premier League.

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End Of Season

For those of you who follow me on twitter then you’ll already know the outcome of what has happened, for those who don’t i’ll go through things... C949E98B-DD27-45DD-AB2C-E51FC5D728AA.thumb.png.6ccce7d7b867029a89723a4ace3a14bc.png

Champions we did it, first season too. Our strong end to the season and a bit of inconsistency from the other sides certainly helped, it was far from plain sailing as other updates will suggest. There was absouletly no way I was expecting to be champions.


Then the added bonus, a hard thought end of the season game justified my thoughts on this one. Won after extra time and some good penalties crossed us over the line.

Player Review

Didler Ndong


My pick of my signings, after being released by Sunderland I was able to pick up Ndong on a free transfer and he has been pretty solid in the midfield, he’s far from world class but he done the job I wanted him to do, an Av.Rating of 6.70 shows that he does enough to justify his place in the squad.

Gai Assulin


Former Barcelona starlet Gui Assulin again was snapped up on a free transfer, again I know some FMM players might say no not for me due to his stamina levels, but his Pace, Dribbling and Creativity makes up for that. Although he isn’t good all the time he has more good performances than bad ones. 

Russian Player Of The Year


Iranian Sardar Azmoun was Russian player of the year. He’s not too bad attribute wise either. He was a constant in his form with Rubin and is certainly worth more than his £12.5 Million price tag.

Not surprisingly I picked up Manager Of The Year!

Season 2 - A Sneak Peak

I wasn’t expecting much in the annual youth intake and I was right, despite winning the league and cup I was given a transfer budget of £3 Million, £4 Million less than the previous season.

This starlet came along35BFE76C-A2B4-4860-8637-5610EB8B3C37.thumb.png.41b30e67415d5515eb95aed59ceac872.png

Kobyalko looks promising, one of things that annoys me is the fact you can’t look at the attributes you can only see their Potential and Current Ability, not surprisingly this was a no brainer, he was promoted and looks to be a Russian superstar for the future.29E56991-4B1E-4DAA-9119-E4008ECDB964.thumb.png.4f9ab48c23a13e5ea8b508416b54abab.png

I am hoping his stamina improves although with so much potential I don’t think I need to worry. Another update in an hour

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Normal Service?

Like last season it’s a bit of “ Deja Vu “ this season. We seem to like drawing 2-2, bad defending ehich has made me change my goal keeper.AEA734A3-45C1-46CB-8C2C-103199CE46C3.thumb.png.ca24ac51076a41e1eca5c6ae39f08b74.png

The Board are Satisfied which is down a little, but again I am still pleased and confident about our progress.

New striker Maupay has started were he left off scoring 8 goals in 10 games.


Allan Campbell from Motherwell, signed last season has improved again and is now turning into a first class midfielder.


I am now hoping to draw some consistency and push onto March with another update.

14 hours to go. I think I should be able to do 4/5 Seasons. With being on 2nd one so far.

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Transfers - Season 2 

A little look at the transfer business I’ve done in season 2 as my hourly posts continue, last season I thought to look at bringing in a goalkeeper, perhaps someone who would develop?A31B8D9B-8E4B-407B-B723-DD8ED5C8D408.thumb.png.9a4ce9af69c97d06cc9fe20e4469ad35.png

21 year old Thomas Glover his form so far indicates he’s my number 1 having arrived at the summer he still to improve but with the game time and the right training approach by the assistant I’m hoping he turns out to be a reliable option, he’s not going to be world class by any means, but if he keeps up that form he will be an important 1st team squad member for me.

Ravel Morrison is a guy i’ve bought in the past when he was playing in the youth ranks at Manchester United, If I remember right he was some winger on previous Football Manager releases. Having had game time at West Ham, QPR and being released from Lazio last season I thought I’d take a gamble on him, again he isn’t world class but if he does his job again I’ll be happy.


Full Transfer’s In01835A24-B125-4F3F-AEE9-D047DFD355FA.thumb.png.ef26d0dc1d81401a977a36a65ed77393.png

Full Transfer’s Out


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Gary Mckay Steven

Wow, Simply wow. Player has been in great form in season 2 and yes while progress has been slow mainly due to other duties (Housework etc 😂👍) Don’t worry injury time added on.

He’s been in fine form the ex Dundee United, Celtic and laterly Aberdeen.8CF8A682-7AB3-4AEB-A1AA-43C7D13CCB43.thumb.png.58e14d9abcecf1b7b82d5fe2e77a197c.png

1st season I think you can say was a period of him settling in, but as a inside forward he has sprung to life in the 2 season scoring more goals than he has ever in his last 5 seasons with previous team, looks like i’m getting the better of him.


Indeed he has peaked now and won’t improve much although he has (See earlier screenshot) He was recgonised with his form by winning...D585FBD4-C6B7-413A-8A29-6718272BB127.thumb.png.9d549da7d44cb43c8044a8be25afac6b.png

Player of the year ahead of the two boys from Spartak Moscow. Onwards and Upwards!

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Season 2 - Before The End

We’re nearing into season 2, teams are actually getting to know out ways and tactics. Not a good thing for us FMM players.


As you can see we finished 3rd in our Champions League group with Celta Vigo beating us on the final group of the group stages and on goal difference.

You might have noticed compared to last season there are more defeats, we just seem to be lacking that bit of quality in the final third, which takes us onto one our bosman signs for season 3 854673A1-00D8-4A75-8EBF-88C75B3F2648.thumb.png.dd65148162f2cd7d518ef0f6cf655ef7.png

Tammy Abraham should add some quality and the fact he plays on the right and has good pace is exactly the reason why I signed him, I hope he does the job


Kobyalko is getting there and is tipped to be a superstar in the future, I am giving him game time when I can.

So Russian Cup Winners? Russian League Winners, i’m not so sure


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End Of Season 2 - Review


Fustrated beyond belief, Midfield and Attack we have it spot on, we could take anyone on our day, look at the PSG result in the europa league Semi-Finals 3 goals scored and beat them on their own patch only for them to go through on away goals. Gutted!5FFF6324-9386-4B75-898C-E5563AF7EA4D.thumb.png.2189f6f8f48d4990006543ff0656ee8c.png

Maupay is certainly proving he is worth his £6 million price tag, he is my first choice striker.

There was some good news D7D211E8-585E-464F-8C79-307C2C1D9355.thumb.png.f060df762af8799db5648e5674dd4a1c.png

I honestly think that this saved my job along with the european run. 

The re building job is already underway, I’m getting back to it!!!


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I’ve been slacking a bit! But the save still continues.

Season 3

It’s difficult to attract bigger names to the club, heads had to role from last season, but the big question was could I improve on the team and it would need to be dramatically.

It started on a good note after an 2-1 After Extra Time victory to clinch my 1st super cup again Rostov in my time as Zenit manager, that man again Gary Mackay Steven scoring both goals.DDE8719A-5F5E-4B1C-A854-E1F499F0AC98.thumb.png.c67ebe8ee69aa32cc5ebdb75495f271e.png

Indeed if I needed any reminds of just how important for my career this season was the board remind me with their they expect me to continue this sucess next season, yeah no worries i’ll concentrate on this one first!


Not surprisngly a few players had to come in the board stuck by the £3 Million figure to hand just as well I had some reserves in my wage department and I offloaded a few too. The most noticable player coming in is Jayden Bogle a man who plays his football at Derby County


A good signing so far with his form being good, options were limited and teams weren’t parting so to get him for £12 million let me tell you was a steal.

A lot of players left Berbatov former Spurs player and Evra also formerly of Man United was among a whole list of players out on a free transfer.

We had our usual graduations, I personally was delighted to see a defender. Don’t think i’ve been so happy to promote a half decent defender to the first team and we need it.


He’s right in the starting 11 and his potential is good too2FB80E1B-19E3-4045-AB62-7965BF3DCABA.thumb.png.5527df62948f79a6af116a2c3b820513.png

I reckon again he will be useful player and of course will grow as he gets more game time and training.

Our results so far suggest a vast improvement from last season, yes there’s a few draws in there but all in all I have to be happy. 


And the league table as it stands


Gary Mackay Steven still grafting away



Edited by george144
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4th Season

Continuing on from last week, progress has slowed down, but will push through even more.

Expectations haven’t changed much, infact they haven’t changed at all. Winning it all domestically is the minimum expectations and now pushing for europe glory is the next.

Allan Campbell

Former Motherwell player Allan Campbell is a sound Midfielder who could cover several positions, below he is shown as a BWM but I prefer him as an BBM but he’s very adaptable in that midfielder area and would do a reasonable job for around £4-£5 Million.AF0D2CAB-0C97-40E9-8D5A-648E8B17C422.thumb.png.7735d763a950ca5a91c7a5f92ca5e8ce.png

Since joining Zenit in my save he’s grown with adequate training and playing time he has became a solid Midfielder and indeed an assest to the team.


He’s more than tripled his value and can play a few positions, As well as roles, he got player of the year in this season.47BB0311-7FAC-4CF5-9431-756CF3DF1196.thumb.png.6abcd163a45ed27312ac071dca9f0593.png

He has grown as far as he can go, but you can expect a hard working solid player.

So far this season I’m back in contention for the title, which I am pleased about as you can see the run i’ve been on has been impressive only losing narrowly to CSKA Moscow.


I have qualified for the knockout stages of the europa league and hope I can progress further on.

And Gary Mackay Steven still doing it for me!!

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