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Career The Journeyman 2019


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I will be doing a Journeyman save since I don’t have any good ideas.


I’ll be starting of with no reputation to make this tougher.



I’ll be starting this off at Maccsfield as I’ll be trying to keep them in League 2. 

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I think I remember Corie Andrews from one of my saves on an earlier version of FM. Great player for Lower league management! Your tactic seems amazing indeed. Good luck on the challenge! By the way: isn't League 2 pretty high for an unknown manager to start off with? Or is that just me?

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Season Overview:


DB0129D4-8C39-49E4-808A-729DD98742F2.thumb.png.f5cf1a0517432e0889b40b2d44ad52df.pngWe ended up winning the league in my first season with Macclesfield.

Carabao Cup:


After our suprise victory versus QPR we were destroyed by Wolves.

FA Cup:


We were knocked immediately by Mansfield.

Checkatrade Trophy:


I was hoping to go deeper in this tournament but we got knocked out in the Quarter Final.


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