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Chat Interesting little thing I noticed about default training.


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It appears that some players are instructed to train up hidden attributes by default! Screenshot_2018-11-13-18-43-59-135_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.4444845bbaadd2c03eb53b00df8ed598.png

Long Shots!? 

BTW imagine if they just expanded the attributes we could see, like long shots, agility for outfield players and I think there is also jumping but I'm not sure.

I remember we could see these hidden attributes in FMM/H scout back when it was still being run...

I also think it's strange you cannot see these hidden attributes in the IGE. 

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It was mentioned yesterday in another thread here somewhere and the info from SI Games (from memory) is that Shooting is a combined attribute actually made up of two other attributes (Long Shots and Finishing). Long shots is shooting from outside the box, Finishing is shooting from inside the box. Depending on which position a player is, one or more of these might be improved). So midfielders are more likely to improve Long Shots and strikers more likely to improve Finishing. But it's all reflected in the one score.

I'm sure it's the same for other attributes like heading. Anyway apparently it's a bug that it showed up here...

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