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Career An attempt on the Landon Donovan Challenge. (Rebooted!)


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After being massively inspired by fellow Viber @Kanegan and his post about this here challenge. I've realised that that was exactly the thing I was looking for. 

See, it has been nearly two weeks since release and I already am starting to feel bored of this game :( So I thought why not attempt a challenge, and lo and behold I laid my eyes on just the thing to rekindle my passion for FMM.

So In short, the challenge requires me to:

  1. Start as LA Galaxy
  2. Sign my very own 'Landon Donovan'
  3. Win at least 6 MLS cups, 2 Supporters Cup and a US cup(Although all I see at the start of the game is the US Open Cup, so I'll just try and win that 8 times. Unless the other Cups will only be scheduled later. Forgive me I've never played a US save before :)
  4. Try and equal or surpass LDs record of 144 goals and 136 assists in the MLS and 25 goals and 14 assists in the Playoffs(what is that anyways? American stuff confuses me :() Additionally, score 184 goals or more in total. 
  5. Take over the US national team and get my new LD to score at least 57 goals and win at least 4 NA Gold Cups and be top score in at least 3 of them.

And some good old boring rules that I'm not going to type out because, well, I'm bored. 

Now On To Greatness! 


And say hello to your brand new Landon Donovan! 


Incredibly young with boat loads of potential, in fact, the kind of potential that might lead to a 1k goal career. Unfortunately he is far too young and not quite good enough for me to stick into the first team so early. Especially in a team like LA Galaxy that is just absolutely stacked in terms of offense, not to mention flipping Ibra. 


Efrain Alvarez, Remember That Name. 


And that's it for now! As much as i want to really post more about this I just can't due to time constraints. Hopefully I can push out one more update today when I'm halfway through the season.

Oh and before I carry on, I would like to introduce everyone to the tactic I will be using throughout this career. 


An extremely attacking tactic that I hope will get me goals. Although it is entirely untested and will probably be tweaked quite a bit over this and possibly the next season :)

Wish me luck guys, not for my challenge, but for me to understand the US league and Cup system :)


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Good luck with this @RPA123456 . I would explain you a little how this works:

MLS is actually divided into two conferences - Eastern and Western and the top 6 qualifies for the playoffs.

The team with the most points including both the conferences are awarded the Supporter's Shield while the team winning the playoffs are awarded the MLS Cup.

The US Open Cup is the cup competition in USA.

Your chosen one looks good already. Looking forward to this.

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Season One. 

Technically I'm not done with the season yet but I've played all my games and it's January 1st 2019 so it seems like a good time for an update. 

The season went well with me winning everything that was up(which was kind of lucky because the MLS was way more difficult than I thought it would be.).Screenshot_2018-11-14-22-08-38-228_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.7b4e28d3dd868a353b66cbeb303fa301.png

Really lucky MU style goal from Ibra there :) 


However, I won't be adding these to my tally though. Reason being my LD, Efrain Alvarez, only played most of his matches as a sub and so I feel it's slightly unfair to take these two trophies into account. 

But there is good news!


Just look at him now! I love the new training. 

And he didn't do too terribly in terms of G/A either. 


(He didn't play any games in the playoffs or the MLS Cup, so these goals and assists are for the MLS League and the US Open Cup only) 

7 goals and 3 assists in 18 games for the league. 

2 assists in 3 games for the MLS Open Cup. 


7/144 gosls

3/136 assists


0/25 goals

0/14 assists


7/184 goals


0/57 goals


0/6 MLS Cup

0/2 Supporters Cup

0/1 US Open Cup

0/4 NA Gold Cup

0/3 Too scorer in the NA Gold Cup

Not an amazing season but I'm sure I will do better, its early days yet. 


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Season 2.

Did not go so well... 


It went okay I guess, just couldn't dominate anything. 

And around halfway through the season I realised something, I completely screwed up the tactic. See, I was expecting to get both the goals and assists by playing as a striker only which was extremely short-sighted by me

Looking at the career of Landon Donovan I've realised that with him playing a huge variety of positions across the final third, why couldn't I? 

So now I've adopted a more conventional 4-2-3-1 with wingers and a solid back four of FB-CD-CD-FB with the intention of playing Efrain Alvarez across my front 4 of Ws, APs and TMs. 

Anyways enough about that! 

On to how my man Efrain Alvarez played...


Once again he played most of these games as a sub, but that is still a very decent haul after all he is still just 17.

But i do have hope that he will be able to get a starting spot soon enough. 

I mean look at him! 


Mmm 20 Aerials... And he managed to have a decent international debut. 

And here is the guy that currently holds the first choice striker role. 


Pretty good but I feel that Efrain should be able to eclipse him next season. 

Here's the G/A tally so far:


12/144 gosls

6/136 assists


0/25 goals

0/14 assists

(Still not a single playoff appearance for him yet) 


12/184 goals


2/57 goals


0/6 MLS Cup

0/2 Supporters Cup

0/1 US Open Cup

0/4 NA Gold Cup

0/3 Top scorer in the NA Gold Cup


Overall, not the best season but its only the second season and things can only go up from here. 

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Strangely enough I have yet to play a full season in the MLS. Just doesn't appeal to me for some reason, but I do like following different leagues here. A welcome change. 

Bumpy start there.. Goodluck! 

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It went O.K overall for the club... 


But Efrain has finally got his break-out season! And he looks amazing now! 



Unfortunately it appears he has peaked according to my coaches, but even if he never grows a single point after this I feel that he is more than capable of smashing this challenge. In fact, if i manage to complete this challenge soon enough I might split this career into a 1k goals career. 


Stats wise he did incredibly for his first season as a first team starter, and hopefully it only goes up from now. 

So that brings his tally up to:



42/144 gosls

6/136 assists

(Do I add in the G/A i got in the playoffs here or not? I ain't sure because the game seems to consider the playoffs as part of the MLS. Just in case I haven't added in the playoff stats yet.) 


7/25 goals

0/14 assists 


49/184 goals


6/57 goals

(Also thinking about it, is it fair to add in his international goals into the tally if I'm not managing the national team? On one hand I did develop him and make him the player he is...) 


0/6 MLS Cup

0/2 Supporters Cup

0/1 US Open Cup

0/4 NA Gold Cup

0/3 Top scorer in the NA Gold Cup


So far he is getting the goals but goals alone won't help me succeed. So I'm planning to move him to the right wing sometime in future to get his assists up. 

Hope that plan works out. 

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Great season for Alvarez. You can add the playoff goals to his total goals challenge but the individual challenges have to be tallied individually.  Also, if you are not managing USA, INT goals do not count. 

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So far this has easily been my best season in terms of trophies! :)



Winning everything I could except the CL. 


A late winner from Alvarez.


And a hat-trick here!


A very tight race for the Supporters Shield that was decided by the last game of the league. 

That's all great but I have a really big problem now... 


He is going to leave anytime now, possibly after killing me in an freak training accident. 

I was trying to keep him from leaving by offering him new contracts everytime he got unsettled but It seems like that doesn't work so well anymore. 

Which leaves me with a few options, for one i think loaning him out for a bit might calm him down. If that fails I'll just have to sell him and try to make as much money as possible to get him back ASAP.(that is if he stops hating me) 


Also he hasn't gone up a single point in any attribute since last season... So hurray? 

Well enough whining and on to the stats! 


 A slightly worse season than the last one but still a good one though. One thing I've noticed is how much international games take away from what I can do. Not only can I not pick him for my own club games but he also keeps getting injured while out on international duty, which just sucks sooo much. I really hope I get offered that international team manager role soon. 

Okay so that leaves me with:


79/144 goals

12/136 assists


10/25 goals

1/14 assists

(Only managed 2 appearances out of the 5 games due to a badly time injury but made the most of it with 3 goals and a assist.)


82/184 goals


0/57 goals

(Removed the previous goals due it being kinda unfair, so now I'll just wait until the USA job is open and then go for it.) 


1/6 MLS Cup

1/2 Supporters Cup

1/1 US Open Cup

0/4 NA Gold Cup

0/3 Top scorer in the NA Gold Cup

Nice haul of trophies this season, a stark contrast to the slightly underachieving season 3.

All seems to be going well with the exception of Alvarez wanting out. Hopefully I'll be able to sort that out and then it'll be smooth sailing for me. 

Edited by RPA123456
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One word to describe this season. Dominant. 


Not only did i win everything, but i won everything quite handily this time. 


A nice little brace to secure the CL for us from Efrain there. 


Won the Supporters Shield with about 3 games in hand, so that's nice. 


New England did not stand a chance there and Efrain was an assassin in front of goal with an astounding 4 goals there. 


A very solid performance to lift the final trophy of the season. 

And I did not do well only in terms of trophies either, this season has also been Efrain's most prolific one so far as well. 


A grand total of 55 goals and 12 assists from 46 appearances through all games. That is incredible, if fact it is so good I'm afraid this might be his peak. 

Anyway let's see what that does to our tally now:



117/144 goals


21/136 assists




12/25 goals


2/14 assists


(Still underperforming in the playoffs unfortunately) 




137/184 goals




0/57 goals


(Still haven't landed the USMNT job yet, guess I'll just have to keep trying) 




2/6 MLS Cup


2/2 Supporters Cup


2/1 US Open Cup


0/4 NA Gold Cup


0/3 Top scorer in the NA Gold Cup

(Domestically that leaves me with only the MLS Cup left.) 

But not all is rainbows and sunshine. Efrain Alvarez is still unsettled. And I can't seem to do a damn thing about it. I know if I sell him I won't be able to get him back because of the insane wages he will be on(Once I tried selling him to Tottenham with sell-on percentage fees and a buyback clause included and they were offering him 300k+ in wages, i noped out of that sale soo fast). To make matters worst some of my other players are starting to get the status 'dislikes Efrain Alvarez'. I'm at my wits end about how to deal with this situation. Worse case scenario; I sell him and effectively put this career on freeze until I can buy him back, although that might take quite a few seasons to happen. Who knows, maybe I'll only be able to get him back when he's old and at the end of his prime. Maybe he won't even come back because he's got a 'strained relationship' with me. 

Well how about we move on to less grim news? Starting from next season onwards I've decided to move Efrain over to the wings so that he'll be able to rack up those assists. But it won't be a smooth transition though. I've been looking through the data from the last few seasons and while wingers do get the most assists, no one has ever gotten more than 20 assists. But who knows maybe Efrain will be the one to change that. 

I'll just have some faith. 

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I've made a terrible, terrible mistake. 

See, I was taking a break from this career and started a new save with Crusaders in the NIFL to test tactics and find one that would give me a good amount of assists so I can beat this challenge. 

So I was playing the game as usual just testing tactics and all that, then I felt it was about time to put the game down for a bit and relax. So i naturally went to the save game screen, naturally selected the save I was gonna save on and naturally saved over my LA Galaxy save...

God I felt like such an idiot. I really felt like giving up and putting the game down for good then. But where's the fun in that? 

So here I am, back again. Starting once again from the bottom. I've decided to stick with Alvarez again, because I'm really starting to get attached to that little bastard. I won't be posting for some time now because once again since Alvarez will be starting from the bottom his attributes and stats will be shit so I won't quite be playing him often in the first couple of seasons. So i intend to post again once he has secured the first choice spot. 

Til then, wish me luck. 


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Bad luck. It happens with the best of us. I also did the same during one of my challenges in FMM 2018. So, feels miserable when it happens but just buckle up and best of luck for your 2nd attempt.

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Alright I finally managed to get this thing done! Here goes. 

Season 1.(Technically Season 2)

See at his current level Efrain couldn't hold on to even a third choice position in the club. So I just loaned him out for the entirety of the first season. 


Thankfully he grew well in his first season out on loan(he's gone down a bit here due to a bad injury but more on that later) so he has now secured a first team spot in our second season. 


Club-wise we did pretty well, winning 4 out of the 5 trophies that were up for grab.

Supporter's Shield was a cake walk


The CWC was a total surprise honestly. Screenshot_2018-12-06-22-25-59-756_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.a265bf15f12db8400e5a3643599f860d.png

Don't know how that happened, but Man Utd didn't play all their best players maybe that's it. 

So how did Efrain do in his quest for the title of the next Landon Donovan? 


Pretty well I would say. Strangely the tactic I had was made with the intention of giving the striker a balanced amount of assists and goals, however that is not the case here. While his performance in the Cup and Continental Cup was what I expected, his performance in the league was not. I mean goals aren't bad, but I need those assists too... 

So starting once again on a clean slate, here is the total goal tally:



24/144 goals


10/136 assists




1/25 goals


0/14 assists


(Well, looks like my bad luck with playoffs has carried on from my last attempt to this one.) 




30/184 goals




0/57 goals


(Annoying the USMNT job was up for grabs at the very start of the game but I overlooked it, and the current manager is playing too well to be fired, so I'll just wait then.) 





0\6 MLS Cup


1/2 Supporter's Shield


1/1 US Open Cup


0/4 NA Gold Cup


0/3 Top scorer in the NA Gold Cup


Not a bad season but it felt very exhausting to get through. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here onwards. 

Also Efrain got injured for a few months. 



Edited by RPA123456
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