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Tactics [EME] 4-4-2 tactic for lower league teams (AFC Telford)

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Hi guys!

I heard that some of you are looking for a lower league tactic, and so was I after getting plowed by almost every single team I encountered.

That was until went back to a classic! The good old 4-4-2.

I am only 8 games into the Vanarama National League North, but a positive tendency is starting to show

Please feel free to comment on the tactic if you have questions or something to add.





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I uploaded the same screenshot 12 times..
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I combine a midfielder with good passing attributes with one that has decent tackling usually. I just won the league but My team definently lost consistency towards the end. However My point gap was to big for the other teams to catch up. In the New season i have had to tweak the tactics a little due to the competition,  so instead og a target man upfront, I use an Advanced forward. But yeah, you should try and tweak it a little. Are your CB pr FB decent enough? 

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Thank you very much for this tactic! It's taken me from the National League to League One with Eastleigh with back to back promotions!

I played my first season without this tactic and I did qualify for playoffs, but got knocked out. Started using this at the start of my 2nd season and won the league to go to League Two and then I won League Two the next season and i'm now sitting top of League One after 3 games of the new season.

I recommend this tactic to anyone who is starting off with a lower league side and looking to climb their way up the tiers in English football. I did get lucky with some fantastic signings so I don't know how much that contributed to it and it certainly helped, but I'm giving most of the credit to the tactic. I signed Tristan Abrahams on a free when I was still in the Conference and just sold him before the beginning of the League One season for £1.2 million to Fulham (I could have got more if I didn't have a stupid release clause on his contract). I also got 2 Spanish youngsters that are now worth £3 million each so again it could have been that I had too much quality for those leagues. 

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