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Help How to create your own tactic?


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[Sorry i'm new here so i do not know where to post this, so if this is thread is incorrectly placed please move it! Thank you]

Hi everyone, how do you create your own tactic?

I have been playing football manager since the 2017 series, and i loved the game but i kinda get bored at it after a few weeks (because i was playing the same team over and over again). The tactic i used (one tactic throughout!) were copied from others online and it worked for me. Now as i bought the 2019 series with revamped tactics, I want to learn how do you actually come up with a tactic (line up and team instructions etc) that will work and win games for you? I am currently with Bayern Munich and had managed 3 seasons and i want to move somewhere else thus, i wanna know how to come up with new tactic that will work against teams in different league/standards.


PS : Please teach me how to counter the tactics of the opposite teams too if that is possible! Thank you!😀

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