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Tactics Rossma’s 4321 2019 Remake (EME)


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Hi All 

just about to complete my first season with Kings Lynn (went on holiday for a year and this was the first job I was offered so playing in the 2019/2020 season)

I started with a tactic I had made for FM2017 so had to tweak a little bit to get it to work in 2019 , The match engine and tactical choices have changed since then.

This is the basic tactic (as posted as a good option for lower leagues) 






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I have found that the best way to play is in game tweaking and setting up your formation/player roles and team Mentality depending on your opponents formation and mentality.

As soon as the match kicks off I will click on Opposition and check their mentality and formation. 

For Example Playing against a 442 I would change my wingbacks to Fullbacks. Against a 433 I would change to defensive fullbacks.

Against a 4231 I would play with Defensive fullbacks and the Ball Winning midfielder would drop in front of the back four so my formation would change into a 4-1-2-2-1 . 


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