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Help Can't Afford Players Signing on Fee

Der Kaïzer

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I got Pogba in the end of his contract and demanding a 5.5 milian Signing on fee, and my club cannot afford it even though our wage limit is 550k/pw and transfer fund >200m help

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You need to have high enough Wage Budget & Transfer Budget. I've got 10+ mil per week Wage Budget & 100+ mil Transfer Budget, & I can raise the Signing on Fee up to 8.5 mil.

So since you already have a high Transfer Budget, I assume your Wage Budget is not high enough.

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This happened to me too, in 2nd season pogba wanted 5.5m signing on fee, which i cant afford, signing on fee is only the problem, i got so much money in finance, but still cant afford that much signing on fee. Pls help:(




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Have you tried just waiting until the end of the season before negotiating. I’ve had trouble getting players to agree during season and then in the off season they agree. Happened a good few times for me. 

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