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Hi, I'm Stens


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I will make this short and sweet 😁

Hello guys and gals,

I am Stens a 23yo male from Ireland, supporter of Shamrock Rovers. I have been playing Football manager on all platforms since near 2006 maybe and loving it every day. I came across this site a couple of years back and have used many of the tactics posted(impressed by alot of themπŸ˜‰) and it was only yesturday i decided to make an account because it looks a great community.

Anyway thats me if you want to know more just ask im not that private 😁 Nice to meet you all

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16 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Welcome to Vibe mate πŸ‘πŸ»

Thank you mate 😊

14 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Welcome to Vibe and hope you enjoy out here.

Thank you i hope so to 😊

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12 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

What's up and welcome.Β 

How do you do and thank youπŸ˜€ I have enjoyed some of your tactics over the last year or so πŸ˜‰

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