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Tactics Fearless attack


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This is my first time sharing my tactic, so I hope it works for you. 

My plates dominate possession sometimes but the amount of chances created and shots on target is always plenty. This tactic would work better for a team with good decision makers. Screenshot_20181118-110933.thumb.jpg.00f4bb1f27aff6e137fd4ce29726cb7e.jpgScreenshot_20181118-110913.thumb.jpg.7e20051430546a58b7bd05b5c5ab3bed.jpgScreenshot_20181118-110923.thumb.jpg.5c9b5f0ab325af7fc22abbd7b69b55be.jpgScreenshot_20181118-113852.thumb.jpg.cbf37c34c69c27c378927c018747bc9f.jpgScreenshot_20181118-113730.thumb.jpg.5317d19378b366114973290c7c5b82d7.jpgScreenshot_20181118-113828.thumb.jpg.4c65cf3f37ac55e1bd81bdf797655231.jpgThe amount of assists doesn't reflect the amount of chances created. Eden Hazard creates most of my chances as expected but doesn't have that much assists,partly bcos Morata has only 16 finishing and Dolberg's morale is quite low. Screenshot_20181118-111122.thumb.jpg.ed49f14f17ce0a7b1dab48e40c9b34f5.jpg. Paqueta very impressive after one year on loan.Most of his goals are long shots. I usually loan my youngsters out for a season to get regular game time and train the attributes that I need most, the other attributes just grow. Upamecano is a monster as seen, he sometimes creates 2-3 chancesScreenshot_20181118-113535.thumb.jpg.b879bfa5994faab1268a77ff74da5c9a.jpg

Normally Tonali is my DM but he's injured for some time. You don't necessarily need fast defenders to play a high line, but you need players with good positioning. 







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One thing I will say with this tactic is it chews up the DM player. Everyone I have played there gets awful ratings and their overall star rating ends up going down. Doesn't seem to affect the tactic though, just the player..

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This tactic does wonders for me man!I tried lots of tactics and nothing worked than i tried this and it is amazing!I won Champions League with Fenerbahce in my 2nd season!

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