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Chat Highest Goal-Scoring Match (I think) in FMM 2019


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I have been playing this save for quite some time now, I have around 12 hours invested in it. My team is Dulwich Hamlet and I am already in my 2nd season nearing the start of my 3rd. Shortly after, I had just seen that I would be promoted into EFL League Two. This will be a challenge on its own. I'll keep this updated for as long as I have this save. My goal for this save, is to get The Hamlet all the way to the Premier League. This has been my biggest goal-scoring match, against Eastleigh. I am top of the table so far with 97 points and have already won the Vanarama League National. I have a few games left in the season and I am looking forward to competing in EFL League Two. Wish me luck!!!Screenshot_20181120-130453.thumb.png.ff0e7cc3c658756c86cd1daad07d5982.png

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8 hours ago, dimashto said:

I played as Real Madrid in 2018.

And beat Barcelona 16-0, it was my top scoring match.

I wish you luck in the future


wow...how do you re-purchase Ronaldo + bought Messi Neymar Dybala?

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Thats FMM18 i think.... date is for april 2018, before the 19 season starts


also the graphics etc are from the old version of the game

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