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8 minutes ago, Woody said:

I bought a player for 600k and got 75 goals out of him in the CSL...it seems its a great league for 1kc's

Yeah, sure is, as long as you can find the right player. It's really hard to sign good youngsters there. It's not like a normal 1KC, there's a very limited choice.

Pedro was one of only three players I even considered for it. Pedro and one other South American youngster (forget who now, he missed his chance) where the only non-Chinese who'd sign. Pedro got the work permit (not sure if the other one would have). Then there was Chen Shilong who would be a great choice (and it wasn't too hard to get the China ITN job), but is 21 or so when the game starts.

Then on top of that, I can't tell you the hours I spent trying to sign players. For every Sessegnon I signed, there are 100 players of that level who rejected coming to China outright...So it's frustrating, but at the same time looks like a gold mine for a 1KC if you can push through all that...

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Shilong is who i used....total beast!

Found Argies easier to sign but it ended up being freebies.

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