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Career The Nation Locke Challenge Career (THFC)


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I am relatively new to this game and new to this forum, so far I have learned a lot from this and have recently started a save with Dulwich Hamlet. However, I will be starting a save with another team and will try attempting the Nation Locke Challenge. The team I will be picking for this challenge will be one of my longtime favorites: Tottenham Hotspur FC. 

Here are more details on what the challenge is about: 

Credit to @Ashez and @samhardyfor the challenge.

Tottenham Hotspur FC:

English football in the Premier League, the top tier. They are currently in 4th place in the premier league table. With the likes of Harry Kane leading the line, they can compete against the strongest teams in Europe like defeating Real Madrid 3-1 last season as well as defeating Manchester United this season 3-0. My goal in this save is to return the premier league trophy to Spurs and North London since the last time they have won it in 1960/61 season. Not only will I put my focus on the premier league, but the challenge also includes attempting to win all four competitions Spurs are involved in: the Premier League, Champions Cup, FA Cup, and Carabao Cup. The Quadruple will be my goal in this one season. 

The Formation: 


I have not used this formation in Football Manager Mobile 2019 as of yet but really wanted to test it out. So far, these are my players, transfer budget, expectations, squad (before), and backroom staff. Credit to @BatiGoal for the formation. 


I will most definitely change up the physios for sure. I will officially begin the process of reworking my team into fitting what the challenge requires even if it means selling some of the best players. 



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That formation doesn't look like it's created by me. Or is that the tweaked version of the GTO that inspired you. In case of the latter I'm glad it helped. 

Anyway, welcome and goodluck with this challenge. 

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