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Help I hste the new training haven’t started a save yet


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 Every time I start a game I’m surrounded in the training screen, with a full of list of players including the reserves, do they have to be there, can I get rid of them.

too many positions not sure in which game, to make a player a non nonsense defender, central defender etc, what do all the Bars mean, the training schedule how do many of you play with them.

is it basically normal and light, normal if you have a weeks break, and low if u have a midweek game.

Is it possible to almost be given a idiots guideline

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Find if that can be helpful.

Or if dont want to bother yourself just let your assistant manager deal with it ;)

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Calm down. 

Go to the Manager tab(the place you can holiday, make board request, see your profile etc...) 

There you will see Manager Options. In there you have instructions you can set for your assistant manager such as handling training, youth recruitment etc... 

Hope this helps. 


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Played this game for years never knew that screen was there, so does the assistant work out the intensive, normal or light training also

also what is a no nonsense Defender, is that a defender who kicks the others to pieces

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Well looks like you my friend have quite a bit of digging to do. 

I've never given my assistant manager any task to do because I'm afraid he'll mess it up, so I don't know what exactly will happen if you switch those options on. 

A No-Nonsense Defender is, as far as I can tell, the same as previous editions Limited Defender. Which means a defender who keeps things simple and nonsense free, who wins possession back and tries to get the ball away safely from your goalposts. 

Although that is my definition, the game also has its own definition which pops up when you select the role for your players in the tactics screens. If you feel confused about what each role does I would recommend you to read through those little descriptions they have of each role. 

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Yep it appears to be some kind of bug where the players in your reserve team don't follow the training you gave them. I hope they fix it soon because I'm staying away from playing with teams that have a second team in a playable league just for this reason. 

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