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Tactics The JSM (4-3-2-1) Just Score More


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Hi, to those who know me, you know i love a 4-3-2-1 with a flat middle 3 and wingers. (Much like @PriZe's black pearl)

Over the years I have developed this into a more and more attacking tactic. Last year seemed like it couldnt get more attacking. With it being on overload, high defensive lines, all attacking roles etc.

However, that tactic doesn't seem to cut the mustard. Not one bit, it conceded too much. So I messed around a little trying to get the defense in check. I eventually came up with a new balanced tactic, lots of goals up front and a tight defence.

This is not that tactic!

This is the more attacking version of last years tactic. 

Have you let in 3 goals? Then score 4!

Keegan 2.0 if you will. 

The Tactic


First off, the wingers are gone in favour of overloading the box with forwards, thus we have narrowed too and gone expressive to keep the opposition on their toes. Finally we have moved from BPDs to 2 Liberos. Pushing forward from the rear in possession.


Defense as high up as possible and constantly pushing for the ball.


Finally, short passing from the keeper and onwards through that creative spine, working the ball into the box or slotting through balls to the 3 forwards.

1 Season Test

I decided to test this tactic with Man U. Not the toughest team to be but i thought they would compliment the tactic to a degree without being overly strong in the wingback department.

Heres how it went






Plenty of goals either way, not perfect but it isn't meant to be. It is just bloody fun. 


And good enough to win the premier league


The forwards did as well as expected I would say. Sharing the goals.

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