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Career Foxy’s Score One, Take One: End of Career Round Up

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4 hours ago, Woody said:

These last 7 games are going to be exciting reading..😊

Hope so mate.

4 hours ago, Rob2017 said:

Absolutely blasting the league

A lot of points to play for yet and I would feel much happier if I was top and not playing catch-up even with games in hand.

3 hours ago, Yung.Gabe said:

The Australian Pirlo > The chubby Scouse God. An Australian legend should not be compared with a mediocre English lad. 

I play Huddersfield soon so maybe I will win the “Australian Pirlo” which would be exciting!

2 hours ago, Ashez said:

In how many threads this week will I have to watch Liverpool slip on the title :(

As many as it takes mate.


added 0 minutes later
12 minutes ago, DutchTony said:

Absolutely smashing it mate!

Cheers Dutch 👍🏻

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Match Days 44 and 45

This is all about keeping pace with Liverpool now until we play our 2 games in hand towards the end of the season.

Match Day 44 versus Wolves @ Home

This is the type of game we must win now on in as it’s all about 3 points and who we steal is far less important. 

This had all the feel of one of those BS games you get on FMM were you are 1 up late in the game and then the opponents score late to snatch a point. As it was Wolves were pushing forward and we actually hit them on the break with Dier running half the length of the pitch before slotting home to secure the 3 points.


Jordan Graham, who is joining Oxford come January irl and looks really good for League 1 is the first player we take and the other went down to AvR and it was Wily Boly the French CB who makes the move.

Boly is actually a very good steal as he is a real good defender.




We stay 3 points behind with 2 games in hand but Liverpool are looking relentless at the moment.


One thing that won’t help the run in is that Raheem Sterling is out with a month long injury which means his season is pretty much over.



Match Day 45 versus Crystal Palace Away

Selhurst Park is a tough place to go and that proved the case here as we dropped our first points in about 20 matches. Mkhitaryan gave us the lead but we never created enough for the 2nd game in a row and Wickham’s goal gave Palace a point and a player swap.


Unsurprisingly Wickham joins us which is pretty muh. 

I thought it would be Mkhitaryan that would go due to his goal which would have been a pain but not the end of the world but it turns out Zaha had an 8 as well and he goes back to his beloved Eagles as he has a higher AvR. I’m gutted to lose Wilf as he has been a key player for me 😕




The only positive is that the Scousers slipped up as well and could only draw so the gap stays the same.


Tomorrow’s Update: The run in continues as we travel to Stamford Bridge and then a home game against Huddersfield.

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22 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:

Squeaky bum time!

That’s the curry mate 😂

16 minutes ago, Yung.Gabe said:

Can't wait for Aaron Mooy to score a brace 😆

That would be fine by me if we score more and I steal him but unfortunately.....


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Match Days 46 and 47

We got a little lucky yesterday as we drew with Crystal Palace but Liverpool also dropped 2 points so the they maintained there 3 point lead with us having 2 games in hand, one of which is today.

Match Day 46 versus Chelsea Away

This one of those games in hand so it is crucial we get something from this trip to Stamford Bridge. We have had a decent record against Chelsea so far with 2 wins in the cups and then a draw in the return league fixture.

This was a battle of two world class talents against there former sides as Aguero, who played a few games for us before we lost him to the Blues, took the field for Chelsea and Hazard for us. Both players seemed to have a point to proof or maybe they both fanicied a transfer back as they waged a personal battle for goals. Hazard won the day though as Aguero had one chalked off for offside and Jesus made sure we closed the gap over Liverpool to just GD.



So we take another 2 players from Chelsea this season and we get Aguero back for the run in which is a quality addition 😁 The other player to join us is Pedro who as good a career he has had in real life I have never really rated in FM/FMM.



We are still 2nd on GD as Liverpool’s attack has been on fire this season but it’s only a 3 goal gap.


Leading up to the Huddersfield game I had another injury blow on top of Sterling yesterday with Ramsey getting injured for the rest of the season 😕



Match Day 47 versus Huddersfield @ Home

This result looks routine but we never created much in a game were we could have really smashed a few in and took a GD advantage over the Scousers. Lacazette came in for a tired Jesus and scored a penalty and then Hazard made the result safe but in truth it was an uninspired performance by us and a gritty performance from the Terriers.




Nothing much worth nicking from Huddersfield at this point of the season. The took two decent lads in Durm who is actually a good RWB and Löwe an LWB who at 30 is on the decline.



Liverpool had to play Man City.


Advantage Bournemouth at the top of the table BUT we have Man City next in our other game in hand and the FMM fixture gods have decide that we will play that game on a Thursday and then take on Southampton on the Saturday so we will need to rotate the squad to get results in both games.



Tomorrow’s Update: Our fate in the league will be decided as we play Man City, Southampton and Arsenal knowing that a win in the first 2 games would give Bournemouth there first ever title!


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It might go to the final game of the season.

What a great journey this has been. Thoroughly enjoyable from day 1!

Edited by DutchTony

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14 hours ago, Rob said:

Job done, with Aguero returning. Brilliant.

Still plenty of points to play for so I’m not counting my 🐓 before they are 🐣

13 hours ago, DutchTony said:

It might go to the final game of the season.

What a great journey this has been. Thoroughly enjoyable from day 1!

I hope it doesn’t myself but then that will make a more interesting update.

Glad you have enjoyed it and thanks for being here from day 1 😀

12 hours ago, Ashez said:

This is intense stuff.......Come on Liverpool!!

Thanks for the support 😘😘😘

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The Title Run In

It all comes down to these final 3 games and in fact we could win the title on the next 2 games if we win them both.

The table looks like this as we go into our game in hand against out going champions Man City.663AC4C2-2345-42C4-8314-452E0586700D.thumb.jpeg.7716c9e3e0b1a5a55c83791b2b480d5b.jpeg


Match Day 48 versus Man City Away

Liverpool dropped points in there last game against Man City but they have just played a Champions League tie on the Tuesday and now us on Thursday so they will have to make changes.

We really dropped the ball here as we get our 2nd draw in a row against an under strength Man City team. We had the chances but we simply couldn’t put the ball away and although this point puts us 3 points clear with 2 games to play we should have been 5 Points clear.



We could have taken De Bruyne or Sane in this match but they didn’t perform (luckily) so it was between Walker and Laporte to join us with the English RWB making the move.

Going the other way would be one of Barkley, Rose or Gibson. No great surprise it is Barkley who has the best AvR and moves to Manchester, potentially missing out on a title win in the process. As I have made clear in this save I’m a massive Barkley fan in FMM so gutted doesn’t do it justice 😢



A win in our next game against Southampton could win us the title if Liverpool slip up and even if they don’t we will have one hand on the trophy.



Match Day 49 versus Southampton Away

We made the short trip along the coast to Southampton full of hope and I expected us to get the job done.

Except we didn’t and we are damn lucky it wasn’t worse! This was another poor performance and our 3rd draw in a row. 

When Davis made it 2-1 with 10 minutes left I thought we had really blown it but Lacazette completed a brace with virtually the last kick of the game to give us a point.



That means another swap and with Lacazette getting a brace he is off to Southampton and we got Charlie Austin in exchange.



This season is going right down to the wire as we hold a 1 point lead so we know that a win at home to Arsenal will win us the title what ever happens at Anfield in the Liverpool v Chelsea game.




Match Day 50 versus Arsenal @ Home

To be continued.............

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9 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Chelsea owe us one 😂😂😂😂😂

Brutal update that though mate, lost solid players and dropped points :(

Losing Barkley hurt that’s for sure.

I’m hoping for a repeat of the past tbh.


3 minutes ago, samhardy said:

I refuse to cheer for either Arsenal or Liverpool even in virtual form 

Cheer for Bournemouth then.

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This is it, judgement day!

We have a must win game versus Arsenal that could win us the title and then we take on Man City in the FA Cup final.

Final Game of the Season

The situation is this. If we win we are champions, if we draw or lose and Liverpool win we miss out.


We started the game really well as Hazard gave us the lead but then Bellerin scored with Arsenal’s only shot of the half to make it 1-1. Then a guy who is no stranger to last day drama tucked home a cross to make it 2-1 to us.

At half time we were provisional champions.



In the 2nd half half we continued as we had in the 1st as Charlie Taylor made it 3-1 early on and then the party could begin when Jesus made it 4-1 in the 71st minute.

Arsenal offered nothing and we had done it.

Bournemouth Premier League Champions 2018/19


Liverpool blew it anyway so a draw would have been enough for us.


This is how the table finished.


Amongst all the celebrations we had to decide who would be joining the Champs.


We took Bellerin and Elneny who are players I really rate in game and also Petr Cech.




FA Cup Final

This means that a win against Man City in the Cup Final are we will have won the domestic treble.

I expected a close game as we had seen in the League Cup final but it seems that the title win had released any nerves from the players and we just went out and blew the Cityzens away.

Well after Fernandinho had given them the lead we did. This game must have been sickening for Man City as 2 players I have stolen from them secured us the win after Aurier had drawn us level. We went in 3-1 up after goals form Jesus and Aguero before Jesus wrapped it all up in the 90th minute.



It is kind of immaterial who we take from City as it’s the final match of the season which is typical as we got a couple of top players in Laporte and Sane and Fernandinho isn’t bad either.



So we did it a treble which is far more than I ever expected from this season and in fact I expected the sack once we lost a few players.

In the next few days I will be back with a summary of the whole season for you all so we can look back at who we stole, who got stolen and who left and came back.

Thank you for reading.


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Thanks guys.

I'm really pleased and surprised to have won a treble although with the squad we ended up with it's not a shock.

The main thing for me though is that plenty of you seem to have enjoyed following this save just as much as I enjoyed playing it.

2 hours ago, DutchTony said:

Massive well done mate 👏👏👏

2 hours ago, Titjes said:

Congrats on winning the League and Cup mate ;)

A wonderfull season :)


1 hour ago, Rob said:

Hurrah! Job done. Brilliant.


42 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Brilliant job done mate.


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1 hour ago, bb said:

I am so happy u won the titles I was afraid I would lose and bottle it 

Thanks mate, after those 3 draws in a row I was a bit worried but the lads did it in the end.

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You needed the editor to beat Liverpool for the title!!



Massive congrats @Foxy! What a brilliant way to finish a wonderful save which shows the editor can have a part to play for good and not just evil :p. I've loved every update, every turn and every twist on this extremely fresh save. 

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On 24/12/2018 at 20:15, fRESH said:

Incredible career here mate ! Been following since beginning. Great result by smashing treble !

Cheers mate and thanks for following along 😁

23 hours ago, Ashez said:

You needed the editor to beat Liverpool for the title!!



Massive congrats @Foxy! What a brilliant way to finish a wonderful save which shows the editor can have a part to play for good and not just evil :p. I've loved every update, every turn and every twist on this extremely fresh save. 

Glad you enjoyed it mate 👍🏻

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