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Career Kyle Attempts the 1k Challenge with Mason Greenwood


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Mason Greenwood 1k Attempt

After much playing around testing different players I think I have finally found the player I want to fulfil the 1k challenge.

I played around at a number of different clubs and different leagues before I found the team I wanted. Here goes....

The chosen Team is -

SLB Benfica!!


I decided on Benfica over Porto purely for the players at the club believing the depth of talent was better. 


The Chosen One!


Mason Greenwood caught my eye for a number of reasons with two of them being hes both footed and hes from Man Utd my favourite team.

Now Man Utd would only sell for £17m! I traded Rafa rated at £12m and gave them £2m. An expensive deal for a young lad but Im certain he will be a success. 

Season 1 Transfers In


Benfica have a solid squad but they are weakest in my eyes at the back. Two of their talents are beyond 30. Ligt and Stark are my favourite pairing from previous years, so it was fitting I signed them both. 

Luan added creativity to the middle of the park. I went for a certain Brazilian everyone is raving about but he wouldnt entertain me what so ever. 

Bellanova is a wonderkid and a deal is in place to sign him at the end of the loan if he does well for £20m. 

Firstly I train Mason to be a Target Man - Aerial as for some unknown reason you can get to 20 aerial in a very short space of time.


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Nice! I like it's a lesser known striker (ie not one of the bigger names). Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it just makes it a little more interesting. Good luck!


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Season 1 

Carrying on from previous update you saw my transfer business and how I intended to make Mason Greenwood a 1k Striker. 

I intend to post a more indepth update during season 2 however here is season 1 and the joys it brought with it. 


Got to share this little beauty, one of my favourite new features albeit it a pretty sad one as it means nothing tbh.

Season Review

The season was a pretty up and down season as it took some tweaks in order to train or sign the right players for the tactic. I managed to finish 2nd in the League with both Porto and Sporting being menaces home and away.


Losing in the Final to Sporting summed up just how unlucky the season was on a number of fronts. Deep down I expected this as a number of positions still needed new additions.

Mason Greenwood however won top scorer of the Taca De Portugal with 7 goals in the competition.



Mason managed 40 goals out of 51 apps with minimal injuries during the campaign. Pretty good return for a 16 year old in my opinion.



A nicely trained 20 for aerial I focused next on movement enabling this to achieve 14. Stamina improved from a starting of 8!

Luan and Cervi stole the show with the number of appearances and to think I was aiming to sell Cervi at the start of season one - glad I didnt.


Luan supported in his role slotted in a tidy return of 20 goals. Surprisingly Bellanova racked up 3 goals - his loan will become perm at the end of the season as he develops into a gem.




Mason Greenwood coming in first for Average Rating for the season. Ill say it now the boys going to be a talent!

Mason Greenwood

Season 1 


Season 2 coming shortly....

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8 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

Solid start that mate! Will only get better

After all the people ive tried that return makes it worthwhile. Was hoping for nearer 50 but anything over 30 was decent enough. 

Season 2 is all about bringing in players to support him across the field. 

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41 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Ace start that but I'm following for Luan the man 😂

Hes a talent...that he is. I didnt enjoy him as much as you did on fmm18 but its been money well spent after I brought him in and switched up the tactic - bonus he can play across the top 4 positions when needed.

added 0 minutes later
1 hour ago, Villen said:

Pretty decent start for 16yo mate :) I will be following you for sure. 

Thanks for the comments. 

Its early doors but exciting stuff. 

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Season 2 Mason Greenwood 1k

The start of season two brought alot of anticipation with the ultimate aim of Greenwood scoring at least 50 goals if not more. 

Mason Greenwood at the start of Season 2.


I had a number of positions I wanted to add to with the number one targeting being a keeper. Miles Sivlar is a gem but he is young and he seems to make alot of mistakes, thats my opinion however. I always tend to sign players who can be at the club for many years, this could be my downfall but I am confident enough as my signings are thought out.

I brought in the following to add to the quality I had;


One of my favourite keepers on the game and someone who can be between the sticks for years to come.


Bruno signed from our rivals sporting - my midfield consists of Fernandes Fernandes which is confusing at times 😂.


Bellnova our young loanee who did enough to tempt me into paying over £20m for hia services. Again a player with alot of years ahead of him.1210493097_Screenshot_20181126-175425_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.2a78e1fe13273250d0be25faad29c6f8.jpg

Orsolini was expensive but he ticked all the boxes for the type of player I wanted. He comes in from Juve.

Full list of ins ans outs below.

Ins -


Outs -








Some of my favourite games with a number of hatricks scored by Mr Greenwood.








Europe was our major downfall and I will need to address this in Season 3 as Greenwoods tally could of been higher with the additional games it brings. 


How I didnt get more of a result out of this game is beyond me. Bayern smashed me 7-4 on agg!!! 

We won the league with a huge gap formed, this was due to drawing 6 games and only losing 1 which I was highly happy with.



How we fared in all competitions - 


End of Season 

Now most importantly how did the main man perform?


53 games played with 55 goals scored. Very happy with that return but still a long way to go and some more if I can score 100+ a season like @Nucleus 

Masons performances had the fans screaming for an England call up!


How is Mason looking - any new greens appeared? 


Some beautiful greens to look at. Improvements on pace, strength, shooting, movement and dribbling 😁.

Team review

Cervi once again showing how he can play and have minimal or no injuries in a season!


Greenwood leading the way with 55 goals, Orsolini and Luan providing additional options.


Luan smashing it with 25 assists... @Ashez will love that!


Greenwood average rating of 9...and Jimenez used rarely pops up with 8.83 lol.


Mason Greenwood 95/1000

Now to prepare for Season 3!

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37 minutes ago, kylieboi88 said:

Whats the Rule? 

The Rule of Batigoal. Any goals scored before the age of 20 are bonus goals. You’ll be flying at that point.

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2 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:

The Rule of Batigoal. Any goals scored before the age of 20 are bonus goals. You’ll be flying at that point.

Ah! Excellent! 

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Stunning return that mate! You’ll be hitting your first 100+ in no time at this rate. Loving his development too, he looks awesome 😎KIU dude 

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1 hour ago, Nucleus said:

Stunning return that mate! You’ll be hitting your first 100+ in no time at this rate. Loving his development too, he looks awesome 😎KIU dude 

Thanks. Bring on season 3! Struggling to offload the deadwood currently but decent transfer kitties at Benfica. 

added 0 minutes later
59 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Basically 100 down and he's only 18 and only improving in ability and totals 😮


Yeh not bad going that. Season 3 coming up 🔥👌

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1 hour ago, Cockers2505 said:

Nice going mate, If he is getting these numbers early, you will defo get the required numbers as he matures and your team get even better around him

Definately hoping this is the case. Made some new signings but tbf they have been minimal as I brought for the future in previous seasons. 

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9 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

At this rate he'll have 200 by the age of 20. Bang on track. 👍 

Hoping for a blinder in season 3!

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7 hours ago, kylieboi88 said:

Ha for the park ji sung one? 

Yea. Unfortunately he is not so good in my save, but still a decent player.

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Mason Greenwood Season 3

We enter season 3 hoping to near 200 of our 1000 goal challenge. 


I lost to Porto on penalties resulting in losing out on our first trophy of the season.

Transfers In/Out



After much debating I made an offer to sign Murgia who was a find via stat search. He fitted the criteria as I debated selling Fernandes who has moaned since season 1.


In jan I signed Celso from PSG as I debated selling Luan for a younger alternative...I did infact keep Luan but moved him out wide.











Season Review





Mason Green Review


Some lovely looking greens appearing. I would wish for a green on stamina but hoping that will come. He recieved a 2month injuy lay off at the end of the season that was disappointing.


68 goals in 53 games is an achievement considering a few niggly injuries. Happy with that return. 


Disappointing season in regards to cups and champions league so our aim is to improve on this for season 4. 

Mason Greenwood 163/1000

Season 4 coming soon...

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