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Tactics "Emery-ball" with tweaks


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After watching Arsenal today I decided to test out their formation with my own tweaks. So I started a career with Bournemouth because I didn't want to use a team too big or a team too small so Bournemouth was the perfect choice. 

I hereby present you the 3-4-2-1.


The Defence- I decided to use a libero and two central defenders. The more possession you have the less chances the opponent will have so with the choice of Libero, I wanted to remain with a back three when defending but have more dominance in the midfield when in possession. 

The Midfield- I decided to use two DLP's, two DW's and two AM's. I opted for Defensive wingers instead of Wingbacks because I wanted to be more offensive than defensive while still being secure defensively. I chose two DLP's because of balance, since I have two Attacking Midfielders I wanted to stay balanced by having two defensive minded midfielders while them still having the ability to push up if needed. Finally I chose two AM's because of possession. With more heads in the midfield I am able to keep possession and also be deadly in front of goal.

The Attack- I went with an AF. A fast deadly striker with good movement is necessary and he'll be the one banging in most of the goals.


Team Mentality- Attacking: Attack is the best form of defence. 

Width- Wide: I wanted my wingers to spread the defence and be the widest players on the pitch. 

Tempo- Slow: A nice slow build-up to keep possession.

Creative Freedom- Balanced: I never change this as I don't see a difference when it is on Expressive or Disciplined. 


Defensive Line- High: As soon I lose as I lose the ball I want the team to be up to recover before crossing my half. 

Closing Down- All Over: I want my team to press heavily to try and recover the ball. 

Tackling- Normal: Don't want my team going too soft or too hard. 

Offside Trap- Yes: With my high line, this helps to catch the forwards offside. 

Time Wasting- No: Useless.


Final Third:

Look For Overlap- Having my Defensive Wingers wide they will be always be an option to get up the field. 

Work into Box- With plenty of players in the midfield, one or two players will always be open. 

Through Balls- In case the midfield is not functioning this provides an extra way to get up field. 

Passing Style- Mixed: Having variety is better than having one certain thing. 

Passing Focus- Mixed: Although the midfield is stacked going out wide is useful as well.

Goalkeeper Distribution- Mixed: Variety. 

Results: I haven't finished the season but here are some notable results: 



Only loss:


After 15 games in the Prem:


Thanks for reading and hopefully this tactic will for you guys as it is for me. Cheers!


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To be honest i am confused on why you posted this on the FMM18 forums


Well i mean it could work on FMM18 but that i still have to check

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Correction of some kind
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works in 2019... not sure why its in 2018

this is a solid set up.

i've tested it out with my beloved Inter save as the 4231 was being stymied by the AI and its bus parking, Contain set ups... game after game after game.

I played around with my whole roster over the course of about 10 games, throwing all kinds of player in out of position etc, lowest rating was a 6 for my DWs when i threw in a full back and a forward. Still won the game 2-1


well done

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