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Tactics 4-3-3 (3-1-2-1-3) Dominant Cherries

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This is my first time posting a tactic having used tactics from here for a few years. 

I have tried to use a few from here this year to which I have seen mixed results. when I tried them so I thought my limited football knowledge and sunday league level of ability would give it a go myself!

This formation has lead me to 3rd in the league with a solid Bournemouth save.



My Formation isn't very pretty but gets results for me!

Here is my '4-3-3'


It is a very loose 4-3-3 but it works to great effect with the LWB and the 2 x IFs supporting the main man through the middle very well. 

The 3 in the Middle i have tried with different roles but have found this is the most effective set up with a DLP, AP and a SS (my favorite role in the whole game)

As you can see i have completely overhauled the squad but in the first season (finished 5th same set up) I only bought Paqueta and de Ligt and stuck with a Bournemouth core! 

Second Season I got Benkovic and Mukiele at the start of the year as I felt I was leaking goals a bit much (I still do a fair amount but this formation is aimed towards the you score 3 then we will score 4 kind of mentality)

Here is the tactical layout:




I find that my main goal threat is the front 4 with the wide 2 and the LWB providing the assists

I got Martial for a steal in the January Window along with Can as both were listed for sale by their clubs 23.5m and 30m respectively, Martial has made the biggest impact with Can just pushing Ake/Lewis Cook to the bench as utility players.

Latter stages of the game or against a slightly 'larger team' I will move my LWB to LB and set him as a wing back, this just stabilizes the team a little bit but i would advise keeping him up as much as possible as he does really chip in with assists and goals. (17 & 4) this season. Occasionally I will move the DLP back to a BWM in the DM position. 




I hope these work for you like they did for me, I'm sure that some tweak can be made to improve it but right now this is what works best for my squad and suits their strengths.

I rotate players quote a lot and would say that 40% of Ibe's games are from the bench. with Ryan Fraser and Josh King both making 20+ appearances, when Fraser is on he drops back 1 place back to a Winger and I change the Striker to a Poacher.

This has been Tested with Bournemouth 2 season and Blythe 2 seasons (back to back promotions)

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2 hours ago, Peppy10 said:

Hi how do you get your inside forwards arrows to go inwards ? 

Hello, these automatically go like this when the IF is in the furthest forward position they can be.

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