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Help Need help for training / recruiting


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I want to know what is better between recruiting a 2.5 stars player (and potential of 3 stars) with 14/15+ in skill needed who is 24/25yo or recruit a young player (16/17yo) with 1 star and a potential of 4.5 stars with 7/8 in each skill needed and train him. If the second is worth, how can I train him ? Put him in the First Team and make him play or Second Team ?

Sorry I'm french, hope you will understand !


EDIT : how can I find a young player for the role I want him to do (exemple : central defence). Because recruiter are random no ?


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If i want to find a player for a specific role i just use player search and add attributes that are essential for this position. 

With Central Defender i like Aerial, Tackling, Positioning, Pace to be at decent level(aerial can be lower as you can get it to 20 in no time by focusing training on it)

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It depends on the situation. if you need a player that are ready to play maybe the 2.5 star player is better than the 1 star, but if you just need someone for the future the 1 star player is better and you can just loan him out.

Hope this help! 😁

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I buy both. I play Real Madrid and i bought 1 young with potential and 1 develop player. Example:

I bought Harry Kane (for present) and Pellegri (for future). Kane will be my main striker but put Pellegri in subs, use him in easy game. That way, u still going to get goals from Kane and at same time develop Pellegri.

I use Ramos and bought Sule (for present) and Ligt (for future). Ligt will partner senior player (Ramos, Varane,Sule) in easy game.

If you buy super young player (15 to 17), maybe you can just loan them to good team. Make sure they play



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