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Challenges World Supremacy Challenge


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Hi vibe, welcome to my first FMM19 challenge. Hope you enjoy...


World Supremacy Challenge

We can argue as much as we want over who are the strongest countries in the world, some will add India to the list others will add Brazil some other maybe Japan, but in the end we all mention the same: USA, Russia, China and perhaps even Germany. This challenge will be revolving around them, but how does this link to FMM19? Well, the 4 leaders from each of this nations have a link with at least one team in their country. Let's take a look.



President: Donald Trump

Continent: America

League: MLS

While Donald Trump's favorite sports don't include "soccer", he does have a link to the beautiful game: his son Barron. Las season he was part of DC United's U-12 side (Maybe we are on the verge of seeing the new Freddy Adu). 



President: Xi Jinping

Continent: Asia

League: Chinese Super League

The Chinese Football Dream, has been mostly promoted (above everyone else) by one guy: Xi Jinping. He has also been involved in soccer matches, taken pictures with soccer players and was even pictured kicking a soccer ball during an oficial event. We can safely assume he has a thing for football. But who does he support? While he hasn't said it publicly , some claim he is a fan of Beijing Guoan. 

"Beijing Guoan fans like to tell of Xi riding his bike to the north gate of Worker’s Stadium and buying his match tickets like all other fans in the mid to late 90s"  (Wild East Football)



President: Vladimir Putin

Continent: Europe  

League: Russian Premier League

Putin has claimed several times that he is aa close follower of local club Zenit Saint Petersburg. While he is not involved in the club affairs as some other Russian politicians are, he does follow constantly the team's actions and comments on them occasionally.



President: Angela Merkel (I know I know, before you kill me. For the purpose of this challenge I will be using Chancellor Angela Merkel since she has a stronger media presence than president Steinmeier, and also it was easier to find who did she support...) 

Continent: Europe

League: Bundesliga

While she was born in Hamburg, Merkel doesn't support either from the bigger local teams. Instead, she has stated her support for Borussia Dortmund and some even claim she has really good relationships with the chairman and associates.


Now that we have pointed out the colors of each of the above mentioned leaders, it is time to explain the challenge. 

The Challenge

This challenge is a simple one, you will have to win every trophy available to each of the teams mentioned above. Once you've won every trophy with the first team you will be able to jump into the next one, and so on. To make things harder, I have chosen a specific order:

You will start with DC United, move to Beijin Guoan, jump to Zenit and finish your career at Borussia Dortmund. 


+1 for every trophy won except Clubs World Cup

+2 for every Clubs World Cup

+1 for every season under 30 you take to complete the challenge (i.e. if it takes you 5 seasons to complete it then you get 25 points)

+10 for every World Cup you win with USA, Germany, China or Russia. 


- No cheating. Reloading and unlockables are forbidden.

- Own tactics.

- Load USA, China, Russia and Germany

- Have fun :)






Hope you enjoyed the idea and that someone will take on it eventually. Thanks for reading!

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Interested in trying this
Guessing you have to wait for the job to become available before switching.

* Sorry just noticed that this is for the old version

Edited by SK15Kev
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