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Challenges Single Season Challenge: Highest Lowest


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Hey gang.  I have a single season challenge idea that I hope you will enjoy.  It is inspired by the board game mechanic frequently used by a prolific designer, Reiner Knizia, with hundreds of published board games - highest lowest score wins.  Once I had the initial idea, it also reminded me of @BatiGoal's 500 International Batigoals career from 2017 where he had to juggle formations to get 5 different strikers to 100 goals.

This challenge is very simple and allows for a lot of creativity and freedom in your tactics.  Here are the rules:

  • Start a new game and pick any team, in any league, with as few or as many leagues loaded.  Then play ONE full season (there's no limit on player transfers either).

That's it for the rules! 

As for your score, here's how you calculate it: at the end of the season, look at your top four players' G+A totals.  Your score will equal to the LOWEST G+A total of those four players.  (for example: if your top four performers are Player 1: 25G+10A, P2: 20G+5A, P3: 2G+19G, P4: 7G+10A -- your score is 17 as Player 4 has the lowest G+A total out of your top contributors).  

EME only, standard challenge rules apply.  I can't wait to see which teams get used for this challenge!  Whose score will be the HIGHEST LOWEST on the leaderboard?



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Shitty thing reminding me of that career 😂 

Definitely requiring some strategy this one. I foresee lots of people doing very badly on this one, me excluded. I like it 👍 

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