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Tactics Here's A Decent Ol' Tactic(that might need tweaking)


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I was trying to come up with a good tactic that I could use for my Landon Donovon career when I remembered an old tactic I used back in FMM 2017 and 2018. 

Did a little bit of tweaking here and there to try and get my striker to get more assists, and to my surprise it's kinda decent. 

Now it isn't a miracle tactic that can bring a bottom of the table team to the top unbeaten, but it definitely does have some potential. 

Here it is! 




(The key role you want better players in seems to be BWM, as the games I played average/bad BWMs ended up with me losing a lot of possession and conceding a lot of chances.)

I tried testing it with two different teams to see how it holds up and here are the results:

First I did a saviour cometh challenge with Frosione:


A mixed bag of results with quite a few goals conceded but still managed to bag a decent amount of goals(for a bottom of the league team) 


(game started mid February) 

Not an amazing bunch of results but.... 







These stats do look good. 

But there were a few games where my players kept missing the net:


Which seems to be a slight issue. 


Seeing how okay-ish the tactic seemed I decided to do a few quick games with a better team to see how if it works. 

I chose Ajax and here's how it went:


Unbeaten so far, which is a good sign. 


Looks good but it's only ten competitive games, so it's hard to tell. I have some screenshots of the games that I don't want to include as it will make this post way too long, and also because the games mostly went like the Frosione games. 

Now remember that I made this tactic so that my striker would have a balanced amount of assists and goals, 


So it seems to be working well on that part. 

This is still a tactic that's in its early stages but I wanted to share it because it does have some potential which I hope you guys will be able to pick up on. 

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Yep, so far teams that play defensively and have a good striker up top are definitely the hardest teams I've faced. Having fast CBs and playing the offside trap well does help though. 

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