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Challenges The Curse of Chelsea's No.9 Shirt Challenge


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The Curse of Chelsea's No.9 Shirt Challenge


One of Chelsea’s first tasks when Alvaro Morata completed his switch from Real Madrid was to allocate him a shirt number. There are a few to pick from – and while one stands out it might be a mistake to give it to the striker.

But which shirt number will he be wearing? 8, 20 and 25 are also unused. But the obvious option is No.9 – the traditional number worn by a club’s leading striker.

But when it comes to Chelsea, that particular shirt has become the one to avoid. Most Chelsea fans would agree that the last striker to live up to the billing of the No.9 jersey was Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink – and he left the club in 2004!

Since then the wearers read like a who’s who of total let-downs. Since the Hasselbaink the occupiers of the No.9 jersey have been Mateja Kezman, Hernan Crespo, Khalid Boulahrouz, Steve Sidwell, Franco Di Santo, Fernando Torres and Radamel Falcao. It’s little surprise many Chelsea fans think the shirt is cursed.

Can you break the curse?


  • Load up England and any other countries you like.
  • Become manager of Chelsea.
  • You must first buy in an Serbian striker to start the challenge, the new "Kezman" and first Number 9.
  • You have one season with each nominated Number 9 before they are demoted or Sold, never to play first team football again.
  • You must follow the list below to sign a new Number 9 each season from country of birth, these players must be bought in at the start of each season.
  • Mateja Kezman - SERBIA
  • Hernan Crespo - ARGENTINA
  • Khalid Boulahrouz - DUTCH (Must be a Defender)
  • Steve Sidwell - ENGLAND (Must be a Midfielder)
  • Franco Di Santo - ARGENTINA
  • Fernando Torres - SPAIN
  • Falcao - COLOMBIA
  • Alvaro Morata - SPAIN
  • Each season your Number 9's goals and assists will become your total.
  • With Boulahrouz and Sidwell not being Strikers you can either play them in their own positions or in a Striking role but these players cannot have any colour in the striking postions on the postions screen.
  • In total, 8 seasons with 8 players to post the highest combined total of goals and assists.
  • Usual other rules apply.
  • No Regens allowed
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