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Challenges The Valery Gazzaev Win Rate Challenge


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The Valery Gazzaev Win Rate Challenge


A polymath isn’t usually a word you use to describe a person associated with football, but in Valery Gazzaev’s case, an exception can definitely be made. Gazzaev scored more than a 100 goals as a player, made history as a manager, is often seen talking about reforms in Russian football and is a member of the Duma. Wherever the man goes, he makes an impact, which makes him one of the most revered figures in Russian football.

Gazzaev’s entire managerial career, from start to finish was quite eventful. He guided his boyhood club to promotion to the Top League within his first two years as a manager, which was a phenomenon unheard of at the time. After this, Gazzaev moved to Dinamo Moscow, this time to manage them, and did surprisingly well with them. The entire Russian game was going through a tough time, with financial insecurity and corruption prevailing. Albeit there was no club as powerful as Spartak Moscow at the time, Gazzaev’s Dinamo was doing alright too.

Gazzaev’s most famous victories came with CSKA Moscow. In his second year with the Red-Blues, Gazzaev won the Russian Cup. The very next year, CSKA won the league for the first time in 12 years. What came next was perhaps the most special season in CSKA, Gazzaev and Russian football’s history.

With the backing of owner Evgeny Giner and by a large cash injection from Roman Abramovich, Gazzaev brought in a host of new talents including Vagner Love, Daniel Carvalho, Sergei Ignashevich.

In 2005, CSKA won the treble under Gazzaev with a rocky cup run, a strong league campaign and a stellar UEFA Cup victory. Though the league and cup victories were expected of CSKA, the UEFA Cup win proved Gazzaev’s capabilities, again. His frantic sprint down the touchline when Yuri Zhirkov handed CSKA the lead in the UEFA Cup Final was a great example of the man’s open expression of emotions and his love of the game. This magnificent campaign earned him the UEFA Coach of the Year award.

Gazzaev’s handling of Carvalho and cult hero Vagner Love was extremely impressive. Both players spoke very little Russian, and Love was notorious for literally not learning anything while at CSKA; and yet, they both played crucial roles in the club’s treble in 2005.

Gazzaev managed CSKA until 2008, winning a fair few trophies with the Horses.

Can you better Gazzaev's win rate?


The Rules

  • Load up Russia and any other countries you wish and take control of any Russian club (CSKA if you want to be authentic)
  • The challenge lasts for exactly 187 games.
  • Your score will be the total number of wins in those 187 games (Gazzaev achieved 102 wins)
  • No coaching badges, unlockables etc.
  • Usual other rules, no cheating, own formations, no reloading etc.


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