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Tactics Fmm 19 atletico Madrid tactic


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I really like Football Manager but i suck at making tactics and i would like to my team emulate Atetico Madrid team so if andbody could make it i would really apriceit and post it here


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Here's one I managed to whip up and test, although the results do seem disappointing I believe there is real potential in this one. 


Note that although the two strikers up front play the same role there are some key differences between them that will make the tactic work better. The striker on the right has to be a TM-style player who is good in the air, strong and good at shooting. While the striker on the left, closer to the AP, has to be a more creative player with good passing, technique, creativity, teamwork, decisions. 


Defence definitely needs more tweaking but I couldn't find anything solid that works. 


Same thing for Attack.

I actually was working on another tactic that was more finished and more Atletico-style but it was too boring and defensive, plus you were prone to the AI just deciding to start shooting from 35 yards out and getting goals... So I abandoned that one, but if you guys feel like that one is more interesting do let me know. 

Now on to results. (Which are very disappointing BTW.) 


Strong start to the season but ran into some very bad form that totally derailed me. It all started with that Villareal game. 


Somehow from this moment on I found it damn near impossible to win games

And then form completely took hold on me after this Valladolid game. 


It was partly my fault as I didn't make any changes to the tactic that would have stopped me from losing because I wanted to see how the tactic would hold up with only 10 men. Quite badly apparently. 

Then the cherry on top were games like this...Screenshot_2018-12-06-21-21-43-645_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.930c64806786606f3d26e2f7b3fe4291.pngScreenshot_2018-12-06-21-21-48-187_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.2599d51e0fe2181107025e79df865633.pngScreenshot_2018-12-06-21-21-53-023_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.png.995f0eeac86908fa2cb78cc358d81b4f.png

Four clear cut chances and no goals huh? Okay then... 

Well the results maybe a bit iffy, but I honestly believe this tactic can work. 

Only seems my players don't. 


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