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Chat Training Facilities/Youth Facilities-please help?


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If anyone could help I would be most grateful.

I understand that the training level status (ie, Basic, Poor, Below Average, Average, Good, Impressive, Superb etc..) determines the amount of coaching/Scouts/physios you have at a club 

Does a difference in status ie Poor to good have an effect on the quality of the training as well (Ie would the same coach on Basic as Good coach better?)

Lastly most importantly with the youth facilities is that just relating to what youth comes through at the start of each season or is it related to coaching of younger players at the club?

An example is I am thinking of managing Queens University in Northern Ireland who have Impressive Coaching Facilities but Poor Youth Facilities, does that mean a 15, 16, 17, 18 year old would not fare very well at the club coaching wise or is it just down to what newgens/regens are brought through?



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Youth Facilities are newgens/regens - the people you choose at the start of the season

Coaching Facilities are training - improvement of stats etc

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