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Career Arrigo Sacchi Challenge: 4-4-2 only and Parma great again


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After the great delusion i suffer with FMM17, I nither buy 2018 version of the game. I decide to give a try this year and i enjoy the game a lot!!!

Well to be honest i don't know what is this topic... a mix of tactic, guide, career i don't know what is in my mind i just hope come out of this something all of you can enjoy.

The title is easy explained: Arrigo Sacchi was the first coach to make famous the name of Parma's soccer team and his application 4-4-2 became legendary. 

Rules are simple. 1. I Pick up Parma; 2. I can use only 4-4-2 formations (the standard 4-4-2 in line; the defensive 4-2-2-2 and the offensive 4-2-4) 3. I try to win as much games as i can and do a good championship.

Warning nr. 1 I'm italian so my english is not pefect and I'm sorry.

Warning nr. 2 In some screenshots you may can see the editor button. It will be always displayed in GREY so that means i don't use it. I use it only to see player's PA.


Onestly the starting team is not great at all... is very aged and the list is very long, then the most good players are on loan still the end of the season. We also have a limited wage budget (and already above the overall) and only 4.5M of transfer budget.

Goalkeepers: vote 5,5. Sepe is the best in your team and not a top class, plus is here on loan. Frattali is just a decent backup and the others are too young and weak to be in the team.

Defence: vote 4. Here is a real nightmare. Yes two wanderkids (Dimarco e Bastoni) but on loan from Inter without any possibility to keep them with us. Gagliolo is a good player in DL positon but my advice is to don't use it as a CD. Bruno Alves is 36 years old and your best CD  but only 8 of Pace and how much months can resist? He will decline soon and fast. Gazzola and Iacoponi are ok but aged, the rest only decent and aged or on loan.

Midfield: vote 6,5. There is a lot of miefilders, to be honest too much and only some of them are good. But one is my pupil and, in my opinion, a real hidden gem: Leo Stulac. He need experience and in the beginnig he will do some mistakes but he will grow up fast. In the Report is said "Is an affective free-kick taker" and this is the truth. He will take all corners and free-kicks and i know i will not be disappointed by him. Dezi is a good AP and Deiola is young and promising. Rigoni is actually very useful but with an age of 33 and rest is only decent. Grassi is the best but on loan from Napoli.

Wings: vote 6. Gervinho and Biabiany don't need to be presented but can be useful for us? I'm not sure... honestly they are aged end close to decline and most important they can fit a 4-4-2 formation? Di Gaudio is a good and experienced player like Siligardi, Da Cruz usefull and the rest less then decent.

Attack: vote 6. The only reason to have a 6 here is the presence of Inglese on Loan. He is a real beast and we will expoit all from him this season before saying to him good bye destination Napoli. Ceravolo is decent and the rest... no commet please.

Wait a minute guys... bad news are not finished yet look at this:


A lot of work to do... :( at least morale is good :) 

Soon episode 1 with Transfers and Tactics.

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EPISODE #!1 Summer revolution

I decide to start an in dept work putting on the market a lot of my olf players in oreder to have more tranfer budget and to create a younger and promising team. This is very risky because i noticed in this version of game experience is important and young players tend to do mistakes on the field, much more then in past editions. so i expect difficultyes in the beginning of the season and propress in time to come.

My only possibility is to sell my most expansive player: Gervihno; that will be the base to build the future.


So for the tactics i choose in the beginning to start with an 4-2-4 based on this one:

Anyway i change a lot of roles expecially in midfield where the combination DLP - AP don't suit for weak teams. Also defence instructions are radically changed because my players cannot sustain to close down all over. For attack i use 2 set of instructions depending on situation. Against strong opponents i change creative freddom to DISCIPLINED, tempo to NORMAL and i put my defensive line to BALANCED. If i need to score i change mentality to ATTACKING and i change my CM to BBM


Is all for now. Soon episode 2: begginning of the season.


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Here we are season begin of course with some friendly match and with Italy Cup. I do a lot of experiments here and, to be honest i was worried for serie A... we concede 2 goals to Crotone a weak team...



I decide to retrain Dezi as a AML with duty of AP and results was great. Stulac score his first goal of the season with a wanderful 35yds free-kick.

Serie A day 1: Parma vs Inter



An unexpectded grat game for us!!! I LOVE Leo Stulac free-kicks!!! e real solid game we concead to Inter only in the geginning of the match.

Serie A day 2: Torino vs Parma



A much more difficult game for us but despite statistics we suffer Torino only in the beginning of the game. Great game for Mbakogu taken as a free transfer.

Serie A day 3: Parma vs Empoli



Performance was solid but we concede too much goals!!! Loose a game at 90+6 minute when referee concede only 3 minutes of extra time is irritating...

6 goals in last 2 games is not good at all so i decide to add one more tactic more defensiveScreenshot_20181207-084234.thumb.png.59f86ae0bf26eb4f7a55f317a65e9a70.png



Serie A day 4: Bologna vs Parma



The new tactic was ok against Bologna.

Serie A day 5: Parma vs Milan



The 4-4-2 in line was fantastic against Milan an absolute domination!!!


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