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Help FMM19: Looking for this years best OME tactic

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Hi there, I have been playing fm since 2007 back in the psp days and have really enjoyed playing all versions of the game. Every year I usually Google the so called  unbeaten tactic for that years game and that sorts me out lovely for the year as you usually only lose about 4/5 times a year so generally you will win most trophies. This year however I have found no such tactic and have struggled creating my own tactics,I assume it's because I still play on OME that there just aren't as much tactics for that but would greatly appreciate if anyone could please send pictures of a tactic that would suit teams of all levels that scores 100 plus goals per season and keeps a lot of clean sheets,thank you in advance :)

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19 minutes ago, liverpoolsim said:

Hi try this, not my work (credit to uploader) works well for me 

with a few alterations.


Tried that one mate works well domestically for my Celtic team but leak 3/4 goals per match in the CL,what's your alterations?

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9 minutes ago, Mikeyc said:

Could I see results please 

Heres some of my UCL results:-


Screenshot_20181105-231014_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20181105-230338_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20181105-223347_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg


Screenshot_20181105-222947_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Edited by VinnieV

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1 hour ago, liverpoolsim said:

I drop one of the strikers into DM as a deep lying playmaker.

Can I see results please 

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