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Help evolution of goalkeepers


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I had been begin more than one games, and played 3 seasons,  and I don't find or know a system to train the goalkeepers and improve their skills, with young goalkeeprs and with a good quantity o stars in the potential quality, I have some goalkeepers that in 3 or 4 matches upgrade their level, but didn't improve their skills, ¿have you a system or methodology to improve the skills of goalkeeprs?


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For young keepers, I see best results when I have a Youth and GK coach on the staff (usually I am set in game with Youth specialism).

GK layout is a little weird, doesn't fit with the technical/mental/physical attribute layout of Outfield players (I generally treat Aerial as a combo of technical and physical as we don't see jumping and if I remember correctly from previous PGE, Aerial is linked to jumping in the DB).



Handling, Kicking, Throwing, Technique


Aggression, Communication, Creativity, Decisions, Leadership, Positioning, Teamwork


Aerial. Agility, Pace, Reflexes, Stamina, Strength


Technical Skills develop faster for a young Keeper.

Mental Skills develop much slower at a young age and increase more based on experience than outright training.

Physical Skills are somewhere in the middle, sometimes results are positive, other times it may take months to gain a point or two.


In terms of training, this tends to work for me.

For Under 21's:

Handling, Kicking, Agility, Reflexes, Throwing

Age 22-25 with the above at decent level:


Decisions, Positioning, Pace, Strength

26-29 with all above at acceptable levels:

Communication, Communication, Communication. Technical.


What you think is a decent level will depend on the league. A keeper also REALLY seems to develop starting games, so loaning Youth GK's to a team with good facilities can be very helpful. If you can get a keeper to head off on loan to Burton Albion, do it!!!

At 30 I want a keeper looking something like this. Obviously some might be slightly higher or slightly lower, but you get the idea,





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Ok, I try this, and I'm sorprising beacause if I loan the young goalkeepers, imrpove a lot, more than with my employees, with gold level and natural aptittude, I detected a few improvement with your information, thanks! but I think is more efficient loan the goalkeepers! in my games.

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