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FMM Experiment: Are Managers Really That Important?

Are Managers Really That Important?


Recently, Man City have been tearing up the Premier League, winning games 3-0 and 4-0 (and losing 2-0 to Chelsea) . Much has been made of their record-breaking team, and of course their record-breaking manager, everyone's favourite baldhead tiki-taka extraordinaire.



However, if we look to FMM, any random Joe with a "Local" or "Unknown" reputation can simply take charge of City and easily win the league with some 4-3-3 tiki taka short passing tactic. Surely our dear Pep, and of course our other managers, have a bigger role to play here in the game, rather than being just some name in the "General Info" page?


So what did I do? I took Pep out of Manchester and put him into... 


...well, Manchester again. But this time, he's taking charge of the almighty FC United of Manchester, all the way in the depths of the Vanarama North, attempting to assert his dominant short passing tiki taka.



In the meantime, it seems City have hired a former River Plate manager as his replacement. Interesting choice, considering there are people like Zidane and Wenger unemployed on the market. But this probably just reinforces the idea that managers don't really mean that much in the game.


Not the worst, but not exactly world class either.



FC United manager in the Hall of Fame! Who would've thought that?


League Performance:

Firstly, let's take a look at how Pep did.


We're halfway through the season and FC United are sitting pretty in 5th place. Not exactly great by Pep's standards, but decent enough for a playoff spot.



City are not doing too bad without Pep. They're in 4th, but a long way off their usual unbeaten selves. They've already lost more than twice the number of games they did the whole of last season, and it's not even January yet.

Fast forward to May.


Oh no, what happened here? From challenging for the playoffs, Pep's side have fallen down into 11th place. Was his tiki taka tactic with short passing and inverted wingbacks really that unsuccessful in England's lower leagues?


Meanwhile, City seemed to have cemented their 4th place in the Prem.


Even without Pep, they have qualifed for Europe, still outsmarting the likes of Klopp and Moanrinho to sneak into the Champions league on goal difference.

Pep's going to be so disappointed with that measly 77 goals scored. But his own side's even worse, scoring only 64 in 4 more games!



After a full season with FC United, Pep's attributes and CA haven't changed much, but he's completely disappeared from the Hall of Fame rankings, probably just because he's in a lower league



Meanwhile, Gallardo's propelled himself all the way up to 17th, courtesy of purely just being the manager of Man City.



So why did Pep fail to inspire FC United to promotion? Let's take a look at what he did with their whopping 90k transfer budget.



After unsuccessfully attempting to spend the entire club's budget trying to buy Riyad Mahrez's thumb, Pep decided to turn to cheaper alternatives, such as the 1.5k Jack O'Leary.


Great scouting by Pep to sign a player with an absurdly high 3 for technique! He's the perfect inverted wingback FC United need...


...who also played only 10 games, and did absolutely nothing.



Pep also brought in a bunch of loanees from the upper echelons of the English leagues, the most successful being Kian Flanagan.


He plundered home 6 goals and 3 assists from midfield, becoming the team's third-highest goalscorer.



Meanwhile, City made some interesting transfers, letting go of Mangala and Bravo on frees, and bringing in Thiago Silva and Muslera as replacements.


Very City-like activity in the market even without Pep, spending 37m upgrading their backup players.



As you can see, taking Pep out of the Prem and throwing him into the Vanarama North did not do both FC United and Pep himself much good. For all of Pep's 20-rated attributes and 5-star CA, he wasn't able to help FC United push for promotion. Pep probably wasn't accustomed to the absolute lack of money in the lower leagues and so didn't sign anyone remotely useful, except for 1 or 2 loanees.

Meanwhile, in his absence, City were still able to fight for top four in the Prem, beating out Klopp and Moanrinho, who both have significantly better manager attributes than Pep's replacement, Marcelo Gallardo. With City living and breathing money, Gallardo still made some decent signings, but surprisingly didn't sign anyone of really high calibre.

Looking at this experiment, I had hoped that Pep would somehow be able to steamroll through Vanarama North given that his attributes clearly outclassed the managers of the other clubs in the league. However, it seems FMM tends to place more focus on the club and the players itself, rather than the guy managing them. Regardless of whoever was managing FC United, they probably still wouldn't have achieved promotion, so it seems. Meanwhile, given the calibre of City's players and staff, they were bound to finish in the top 4 anyway, even without tiki taka extraordinaire Pep. It seems managers don't really make that much of a difference in FMM at all.


This was just a fun experiment to do, and I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. This is my first ever post on this website, so please feel free to send in whatever criticism you may have. :)

Have a great day!



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Welcome to Vibe 😁

That was a fun and different read from the norm that we have posted. Great work, and I look forward to seeing some more content from you

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20 hours ago, olayinkajnr said:

@DonkeyDele what's your Twitter handle (if you have one) so I can mention and feature your article on our fmmvibe Twitter page?

Nice read BTW and welcome to vibe.


Thanks! Sorry I don't have a Twitter account as of now

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On 16/12/2018 at 16:45, xbearx said:

Only 1 season? Not much of a experiment there dude. Do it again and do it right.

Yes sir right away sir, would you like him to shine your shoes whilst he’s at it? Or maybe you could come up with some experiments of your own? Im all for constructive criticism of anyone but your comment is simply awful. There is no right or wrong way of doing the experiment he did. Give the lad a break and maybe show some support

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That's very good in fmm 18 i did much more than that with the editor. I changed reputation of some national teams like San Marino, Andorra, Gibraltar from Europe, Mongolia, Myanmar from Asia, etc. San Marino has won the Euro Cup and Mongolia world cup etc. it was fun but this year i am not going to buy in game editor. I don't know but i am sick of this years game after playing 3 seasons i cleared everything. But good luck with your game and have fun friend. 

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On 17/12/2018 at 00:45, xbearx said:

Only 1 season? Not much of a experiment there dude. Do it again and do it right.

Yeah it was just a sort of one season experiment I did for fun, not really the sort of serious hardcore experiment with percentages, win rates and such that you see on the rest of this site. If you want to see that though, feel free to do it yourself :)

On 18/12/2018 at 06:24, Nekrux said:

Just a question, what about Klopp? On screenshots we can cleary seen he is managing Real Madrid since 1st August.

Oops I'm so sorry I don't know how I managed to miss that LOL as I was only focusing on Pep

I might do an update in the next few days looking at other clubs/managers in the save, and maybe a second/third season too

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13 hours ago, Eogtuc0910 said:

Turn your wifi/data off and click options then hall of fame.

that takes me to the game centre screen, which is blank when Wifi/Data is off 😐

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While I love the writing and effort you've put into this, I can't help but disagree to your method. You can't just put a good manager in a bad team and be surprised that he fails. Other than that, your database is simply too limited to draw any conclusions. Why not try the same with other world class managers and make the comparison before stating that managers are worthless?

But I really do like the writing and effort!

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This is a very interesting experiment, as I have also wondered how a star studded club with a world class manager could not compete with me every season (I'm a thrifty manager who always look for bargains in the form of expiring contracts and rough diamonds in their teen years even though I have € 312 m in the coffers). 

I really do appreciate the initiative and the efforts. 

However, I would have to agree with others here who are saying the experiment is inconclusive. The duration of the experiment is too short, and the discrepancy between the objects are too wide.

I would suggest expand the experiment by swapping the managers of 3-4 top clubs and 3-4 bottom clubs in the same division, and do it for 2-3 seasons. I think it will give a more conclusive data.

Why not do it myself, you say? Well it's because I'm also thrifty IRL, and I couldn't see myself buying the IGE, which is quintessential for conducting this experiment 😁

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On ‎19‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 21:54, topline said:

im embarassed to ask this, but how does one access that Hall of Fame screen


On ‎20‎/‎12‎/‎2018 at 10:08, Eogtuc0910 said:

Turn your wifi/data off and click options then hall of fame.

This can be accessed through entering the Hall of Fame after toggling off the 'Display Game Center Pages' in the Gamer Center & Social Networking section of the Settings menu on iOS. 

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On 05/01/2019 at 04:20, Sebastian Szlenkier said:


This can be accessed through entering the Hall of Fame after toggling off the 'Display Game Center Pages' in the Gamer Center & Social Networking section of the Settings menu on iOS. 

You are correct. Thank you so much!

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