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Challenges The Insane Journeyman Challenge


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We all fancy a bit of journeyman career. Moving from one club or nation to other is an adrenaline rush that many of us live by.  We all know the story of Bora Miltunovic who in his 32 year managerial career took charge of 16 different outfits including 8 national teams. But he pales in comparison to the legendary German manager Rudi Gutendorf who in his 48 year managerial career managed a staggering 40 different outfits including 17 national teams. Do you have what it takes to emulate them?? Then, come aboard on the most insane challenge ever created in Vibe:


1. Load up any leagues and take charge of any club in any division.

2. You have one season to take the club to their desired success after which you need to quit and start with any other club.

3.  Rinse and repeat until you have finished your 30 years or you have quit the save in rage.

4. In case you join a club in the middle of the season, you get a chance to play the next full season before you quit.

5. (BONUS) Manage any number of national teams but there will be no restrictions with them.

6. Yes to Reputation/Badges/EME/OME etc. 

7. No to Restarting/Editing/Hex Editing or whatever.



1.  Every club you manage gives you 2 points and every nation you manage gives you 5 points.

2.  Every cup win gives you 5 points and every league win gives you 10 points.

3. Every season's League Points + GD will be your points.

4. Every individual awards won by your players will give you additional 5 points (including all the Golden Boots) while every Manager award won by you will yield you 10 points.

So, for example, if you manage Chelsea in the first season and they win all the cups and win the league with 100 points and +40 GD and you get the MOTY, then your point for the season will be:

140 (League Points+GD) + 10(league win) + 5(Carabao Cup) +5(FA Cup) + 5(Champions League) + 10(MOTY) + 5(POTY) + 5(YPOTY) + 2(for managing Chelsea) = 187 points.

So, fire along and take part in this crazy challenge.




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