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Career Rob’s One Season Strikerless Attempt


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The challenge

Having just completed a Strikerless 1kc, I want to get a good One Season Strikerless score on @Foxy‘s challenge, which can be found here:

You get points for:

- Goals for each player;

- Assists for each player;

- League goal difference;

- Lesgue points 

My current score on the challenge is the first season of my Strikerless career thread, so isn’t the best. 

The club?

I have chosen PSG because they are PSG.

My targets are:

- Beat 368 that I got with PSG last year;

- Beat 388 that I got with Celtic that topped the board last year;

- Beat 400

The last is nigh on impossible. But I will give it a go. Hopefully I will post a good score for others to chase and try to beat.

The players


One of everyone’s favourites over the past few years. A £90m buyout clause is nothing for PSG.


Pavon is much cheaper, but is excellent on corners and tends to score more than his shooting attributes would suggest.


I tried for Pogba but he chose Juventus instead. SMS is an excellent backup. That aerial is sexy too!

Wish me luck! 


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13 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Screw Pogba! Savic is a beast with theat aerial.

Good luck mate.

Turned 20 relatively quickly. An utter phenom. 

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Half way through the league then, and here is the table:


44 league points, with a goal difference of 36. Unbeaten and 60 goals in 18 league games. Just over three per game. That’s 80 points to our score.

As for the players, Pavon has 16 goals and 15 assists so far, contributing 31 to our score.


Whereas Lemar has 11 goals and 15 assists, contributing 26 to our score. Both lads so far have contributions better than games played, which is my minimum target.


Savic, however, is a different beast entirely.


A whopping 35 goals and 12 assists in 25 games. That is a contribution of 47 by the main man.

80 + 31 + 26 + 47 = 184 so far.

Thanks for reading.

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12 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

Stunning start mate. 500 should be the minimum target here! 😛

I’ll do 500 if you do 3k with Silva. Deal.

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2 minutes ago, 1759 said:

Like the look of Savic. Gonna have to try him on a save I think. 

He is freakin’ amazing. I will post the final results soon.

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3 minutes ago, Rob said:

He is freakin’ amazing. I will post the final results soon.

I’ll look forward to it. I’ve just searched for him on my juve save in 2021 and this is his stats then


He could do some damage. 

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The season is done and dusted, and here are the transfers:



There is no point of keeping any deadweight do transfers were kinda frantic. I didn’t manage to sell Neymar, but he didn’t play any games.


We did get one injury to Savic, which was a bit heartbreaking. One day I will have one of these one year careers with no injuries.


We trounced the league with 93 points and a goal different of 73. We banged in 127 league goals, which I am delighted in.


We didn’t manage to do the clean sweep, losing in the final of the Champions League, but we managed to maximised our fixtures which was a plus in games played but a negative in that everyone was exhausted at the end of the season.

Our league contribution was 93 + 73 = 166. 

As for the players, they all did really well. Pavon got 38 goals and 33 assists in 62 games, giving us a contribution of 71.


Lemar did almost as well with 43 goals and 26 assists in 60 games, giving us a contribution of 69. Of he and Pavon I was expecting the Frenchman to do best, but Pavon just pipped him and showed fantastic value for month.

Savic played 51 in the end due to the injury and scored a whopping 62 goals and got 28 assists. That is a contribution of 90.


Which gives us an overall score of..

League: 166
Pavon: 71
Lemar: 69
Savic: 90

Total: 396

@Foxy please add me to the leaderboard.

I destroyed my total from last year and almost got the magic 400. Had SMS not got injured we would have smashed it. I’m obviously delighted with the score, but I’m hilariously disappointed that we didn’t get 4 extra points.

Thanks for reading! Now for the next career...

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39 minutes ago, Foxy said:

So close to that magic 400 🙁

Brilliant score though ☺

That’s the hilarious thing about these challenges - feeling disappointed when you’ve done well!

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