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Career Geordiekrispy's UK Goal Challenge - with a twist! -cancelled


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So after 7 very mixed seasons at Newcastle, then 3 very successful seasons at Monaco, I fancied something a bit different and as I have very little creativity of my own, I'm going to add my twist to @BatiGoal's UK Goal Challenge


The general idea is break the goal scoring record of the various UK leagues in numerical order, so NI first, then Scotland, then Wales, then England.


My twist on it is that I have to do it using that nationality of player, so no just signing any wonderkid to smash it, they've got to be homegrown, ideally in the league already, but I think that might be a bit of a challenge depending on who I can get a job at, as the job's have to be concurrent and all in one career!


I have a feeling the jump to the Scottish Premier league will be interesting, depending on who get sacked.  But the big challenge will be getting a job at an English Premier League side after going to Wales...

And that 60 goals is going to be a tall order...


Now I've got to scout the NI league for the best team to start with...


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Ok, as the challenge doesn't specify that you have to start out unemployed, I looked at the Danksa Bank Premiership at the bevy of amazing teams available to choose from...


The Team

Oh wait...

There's 1 professional team, the Crusaders...

Rather that going down that route, I decided to choose Dungannon Swifts for 2 reasons:

  1. Their name is cool
  2. They had the best rated training & youth facilities.

Yes, they're semi-pro but they actually looked like they had a few decent players, they have zero wage and transfer budget, so that's going to be a challenge, unless I don't buy any players... Would be another twist on the twist, but that's probably too much.





The player that I felt could meet the criteria the best, and he's already at the club (who like I said have no money to buy anyone else, I did think about getting someone in on loan, but I couldn't find anyone who wanted to come over) is:


Daniel Hughes



His shooting is ok, and he has a bit of pace and stamina and he's fairly young so hopefully he can improve enough.


First game of the season, says I think he'll be fine...




Goal Target

Target: 28

Goals so far: 3

Left to score: 25

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Season 1 Complete


It was a very up and down season to start with, as I decided in my (in)finite tactical wisdom I wanted to use a variation of the gegenpress tactic I used at Monaco...


Yeah, that was possibly a bad idea, to be fair when we won we really won, but we also lost... a lot.  There are 4 cups in the NI league, I lost the first game in all of them.  There was a horrible period just before Christmas that I thought I was going to get the sack as I was right down the bottom of the league and losing more than I was drawing or winning.



Then everything clicked, I signed a better keeper who was not contracted to anyone, I signed a much better DC in the January window and I started to climb the table, rapidly.



I ended up finishing second, it had been between myself and Newry City AFC on the top of the table for the last 3 or for games of the season.


Record Breaker

Daniel Hughes was quite frankly a revelation, he quickly got up to 20 goals in the league and 25 in total by the end of December.
But then got injured and started to struggle for goals, where as my replacement striker was smashing them in, so I shouldn't really complain as he kept me in a the job.  But he managed to finish the league's top scorer by quite a margin and my top scorer by and even bigger one.
Hughes' attributes did improve, but he started to not gain anything from playing at this level, so whilst he can still improve he's not going to do it with my current training ground and in this league.

Manager Profile




I have checked the goal records and I think @Foxy just copied @BatiGoal's original graphic as it appears that the record has actually increased in the 2014-15 season by Joe Gormley beating his previous record notching up 31 goals in the league.

Which means I tied with the record, so I think I'm going to say that I didn't beat it (and I think it should be league goals only, so not the 7000 cups competitions that you can play in), might need a ruling on that one from you lovely people.


So I have to try again this year...  And if i don't beat it again, I'll have to try some new blood I think, someone who is likely to improve a bit more, might buy them this winter window and get them used to the system early... hmm.


I will also updated the records for the other leagues so they stand (as of the last completed season 2017-2018) in another post and in the original challenge post.

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2 minutes ago, geordiekrispy said:

checked the goal records and I think @Foxy just copied @BatiGoal's original graphic

Guilty as charged and I have to admit I’m really annoyed I didn’t check that.


When I find time I will update the graphic.

Shame about the league but a decent 1st season that and a good goal total from the lad.

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46 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Guilty as charged and I have to admit I’m really annoyed I didn’t check that.

When I find time I will update the graphic.

Shame about the league but a decent 1st season that and a good goal total from the lad.

I'm updating it now, but I'm being undecided if I should just do the latest iteration of the leagues...

For example, the NI top league is only since 2003, before that it was the Irish Football League, but the record goalscorer is Fred Roberts of Glentoran (a NI team) with 55 goals in 1930-31.

The Welsh top league has only been in existence since 1992 (as League of Wales), then got changed to Welsh Premier league in 2002, but reduced the number of teams in 2011, but the overall top scorer is still Marc Lloyd-Williams of Bangor City with 47 goals.

But the English top division, I'm tempted to change it to only since the premier league/premiership has existed, which changes the record to 34 by Cole in 93-94 then Shearer the year after, rather than the overall record for goals in the English top division, that being Dixie Dean of Everton with 60.

But if I keep the original 60 goal record, I should really do the same for the Scottish league, with the record being Willie MacFayden of Motherwell scoring 52 goals in 1931-32 season, rather than the Scottish Premier League record of Larsson in 2000-01 of 35 goals, or the Scottish Premiership record of Leigh Griffiths of Celtic with 31 goals.


Because with the records going back to the formation of the top league in each country, the order changes and the totals become a lot higher!

All time top division records



Modern day/Latest iteration of the leagues records




Edited by geordiekrispy
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I think because I've already started in NI, I'll keep to the more modern records, but that jump from semi-pro NI league to premiership is going to be a massive, unless I somehow win the EURO Cup...

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10 hours ago, geordiekrispy said:

All time top division records


Agreed, think this challenge needs an update and you should probably go by the all time scorers to make it challenging enough. 

Rather than edit my old post feel free to post a new challenge post with the updated info 👍 

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Ok, I'm going to stop this challenge at the end of season 1, as discussed above I'm going to re-start using the all time goal scoring records, so starting in Wales, then going to Scotland, then NI then England.


I have no idea how I'm going to go from semi-pro to pro back to semi-pro, then back to professional...

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