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Help Manager specialism

Rex Mundi

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Can't find a thread to answer my question, so I thought I'd start a thread and ask, so here goes when you have to choose your managerial specialism/style what is the difference between them and what benefit does each category bring, I originally chose motivational but I've started a new career now I know what I'm doing and I've chosen General this time.

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It works the same way as a coach, so you'll boost the stats associated with each area.

For example an attacking coach should give a small boost to your attacking stats for players. Tbh not much is known about it all though as I don't think many people take it seriously. 

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When I first played I chose motivational and my striker was on fire averaging 2 goals a game over a 38 game league campaign this time round I chose General and he is playing like a donkey and wants to leave. 

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