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Chat High attributes low potential player?


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I've got a player who has great attributes and historically has performed really well. 

He's only rated 2 stars though. Feel like that's a bit off. He plays semi fairly regularly. 



Any thoughts on of he'll ever get better rating? 


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Great question. I "think" that if the coach report screen states a player is in below average form, then it reduces their star rating. I've had a few players like that on precious FMM versions where their star rating has gone down one (or half) a star for a few weeks before raising back to normal.

Except for that, I don't know if his star rating will improve or not.

Another equally interesting questions is about whether you should look at th stats or star rating more? Seems your player is a beast (would love him in my Sunderland League 1 save) and personally I'd play him regardless of his star rating (if he's good enough, in terms of stats & performances, then yes he plays).

Would be interesting to hear what others think ... ?!





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Fair. Just seems weird that I have 4 star players (CA) that have less than half the attributes.

I played him in the next match after posting and he scored and got man of the match (4-2 win). 

I think I'll keep playing as although he's been poor lately he is usually good. 

I have other players like this too but not quite as good on skills... 



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I've found this in my Aston Villa save. some regens that have come through the academy have amazing stats but aren't rated highly - never sure whether to use them or not

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