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Help Tactic Help Please!


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Hi All - I consider myself an amateur when it comes to FM. I have never been able to create a consistent tactic on any version or platform of the game. The past two years as life has gotten busier, I've focused mostly on FMM, using tactics from the forum and having varying success. I'd really love to get better at playing the game (like making in-game adjustments) but have always struggled with it.

I recently created this tactic, but I'm not even sure where I'm going wrong. The results have been really mixed with my PSG side, and I expected a higher level of success given the enormous talent in the squad. I have read the excellent guides from Prize and Nucleus, but unfortunately I'm still struggling. Any ideas? My goal is to get the most from Mbappe as a lone striker.






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If your main goal is to get the most out of Mbappé as the lone striker then I’d seriously consider having more supporting roles in there. My first advice would be to drop the IF, go for a winger or an AP on that left side. I’d also consider dropping the AM, either by switching him to an AP or drop him down to the midfield strata and play a BBM or AP maybe? 

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your tactic upon looking at it, maybe have a think about your player selection etc. 

Hope that helps a little 

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